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All Slots Announces the “Good Deal” Promotion for Table Games Players

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Don’t be fooled by the name! All Slots Online Casino is a lot more than just slots. In fact, All Slots has announced an extremely good deal for table game players that will run from June 1 through June 7 and will return to offer more good deals during the first week of every month.

To qualify for the Good Deal promotion, you just have to deposit and wager 75 credits or more on casino table games at All Slots during the first week of the month. Such great online casino games as blackjack, table poker and video poker, Red Dog, and casino war are all included in the promotion. (A few games, such as craps, baccarat, roulette and Sic Bo are excluded. Be sure to read the terms and conditions.)

For every 50 credits you wager on a participating table game, you earn 1 point on the Good Deal scoreboard. For regular table game players, that means simply earning points for doing what they love to do anyway. For regular slots players, it could mean an incentive to expand their horizons a little and discover the joy of playing blackjack or three-card poker or a good game of Red Dog. For everybody, regardless of their background or disposition or online gaming history, it means earning points by playing the exciting casino table games available at All Slots.

Besides the points you earn for wagering, you can earn additional Good Deal points for your daily wins or losses. You will be awarded 1 point for every 50 credits you win or 1 point for every 50 credits you lose, based on your total win or loss over the course of the day. If you win 300 credits on June 1, you get 6 points. If you then lose 200 credits on June 2, that’s not so nice (it’s never fun to lose) but it’s not so bad either because your 200-credit loss earns you another 4 points on the Good Deal scoreboard. And, of course, you still have five more days to earn even more points for winning or losing at the online table games.

The Good Deal scoreboard will be updated regularly so you’ll always know how many points you have accumulated and how you’re doing against the competition. At the end of the week, the first place winner will receive a prize of 1,000 bonus credits, second place will receive 500 credits, and third place will receive 250 credits. All together, the top one hundred players on the scoreboard will share a total prize pool of 5,000 credits. Now that sounds like a good deal!

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