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My Slot Australian Online Pokies

All Slots Casino has hundreds of online pokie machines, with themes ranging from the deep blue sea to distant galaxies. But if you think there is still something missing, you can step up and create your own online pokies machine based on your family, your home town, your favourite team, or any other pokies theme you can think of. You can do it all with My Slot online pokies.

Create Your Own Online Pokie Game

My Slot is a 5-reel 9-payline online pokie machine with 13 different symbols on the reels. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can substitute thirteen of your own pictures for the default images, select your own background colour, and install your own background music. Then give the final product a name, and you have your very own online pokies game.

Create as many online pokie games as you want. Play My Family pokies, My Vacation pokies, or Australian Wildlife pokies. The only limit is your imagination.

Playing Your Online Pokies Game

Once you have created your personal online Aussie pokies game, it's time to start playing. Of course, any time you play pokies online, you want to be amused and entertained, but you would also like to win some real pokies jackpots. And you can do just that with your My Slot online pokie machine games.

One of the images you installed in your customized pokies machine will be a Scatter symbol that also activates a Free Spins feature. Another one will be your Wild symbol that substitutes for any other symbol and doubles the regular payouts. And all of your other images can also create winning pokies combinations.

In other words, My Slot is not a cute gimmick or a high-tech photo gallery. It's a real pokies game that pays real pokies jackpots while you're having real pokies fun in the online casino.

Double Your Online Pokies Fun

My Slot gives you double the fun of a regular online pokie machine. First you have the fun of creating your own personalized pokie machine, and then you have the fun of playing it and hopefully winning some jackpots. So come to All Slots Online Casino and have double pokies fun with My Slot online pokies.

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