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Guide to Winning Pokies

Many people question whether there is any way to maximize your chances of winning pokies, the entertaining Australian online slot machines where you can win real money. The answer is complicated. On one hand, online pokies are games of chance. By definition, there is no way to wager where you can be assured of winning at pokies every time. No casino in the world would devise a game that would serve as an open ended bank account for those playing. The whole essence of these games is that you never know if you will be winning or losing at pokies. Yet, it is not as simple as that. While there are no ways to guarantee winning pokies every time you play, there are certain actions you can do to increase the chances that you will improve your pokies.

Winning Pokies in the Right Casinos

The first concept to keep in mind is that not all online casinos are the same. There are some places where the odds are much more weighted in favour of the House, which means against the player. The best online casinos give you a reasonable chance of winning every time. While odds will never be more than 50 percent (that would bankrupt the casino within no time,) you can find casinos where the odds of winning pokies come close to this figure. Casinos make their money based on volume. They don't mind when individuals win big, in fact they need people to win big to show that playing the games are worthwhile. That's why the smartest online casino have games that include many ways for you to win. Just make sure you are playing at a well known and popular casino such as All Slots Casino.

Winning Pokies Requires You to Bet Smartly

If you play a few dozen rounds of pokies (or even more), you will win some games and lose some games. If you always won, the casino would go under. If you never won, you would not come back. So the key is to use this information to your advantage. Key to this (and thus key to really winning pokies) is to set down your own limits before you play. That means deciding on how much you can afford to lose before you play, just in case you hit a string of bad luck. It also means knowing when to stop. When you play online pokies Australia for real money and you get on a big winning streak, it is very tempting to keep playing. But sooner or later, all winning streaks must end. That is why it is important to decide before you play how much would you need to win to consider yourself successful. When you reach that limit, stop playing and go have a beer. That is really the secret to winning pokies.

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