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Playing Online Roulette for Real Money

Online roulette is becoming a very popular game among Australian players and, of course, the most exciting online roulette is online roulette for real money. And you will surely be pleased to learn that All Slots Casino, widely recognized as the top casino for online pokies Australia real money, is also a Number One casino for online roulette real money.

Basics of Online Roulette for Real Money

The basics of online roulette for real money are the same whether you play in All Slots Casino, another Australian online casino, or any other online casino. The betting table shows thirty-six numbered boxes. You can place a wager on an individual number by clicking on the square with that number. Each number you select has an almost one in thirty-six chance of winning. I say almost because there is always a thirty-seventh number, the infamous green zero. While this is rare, when it does come up, all table bets lose. But online roulette for real money is more than a deluxe keno game. At sites like All Slots Online Casino, you have many more options than just betting single numbers. Click on the line between two numbered boxes and your bet is placed on both squares. Your chances are now one in eighteen. Place on a corner of four squares and you now have a one in nine chance. You can bet on almost any number of squares, the more you bet, the better your chances of winning this popular Australian online casino game. On the other hand, the easier it is to win, the smaller your payouts are. If you bet on all even numbers, you have an almost fifty percent chance of winning, but you only win an amount equal to your bet.

How Numbers are Chosen in Online Roulette for Real Money

One of the most exciting features of online roulette for real money is spinning the ball. A ball is spun around a wheel that has thirty-six numbered slots around it (plus the green zero.) Wherever the ball lands when it stops spinning, is the number of the winning square. While it is fun to watch this live, playing in an Australian online casino is just as good. That's because the graphics are really sensational. Watch the wheel turn and hold your breath to see if you just won some real cash. While many people play online Roulette for fun, playing online roulette for real money is the real draw. Check out the action at All Slots Casino or any serious Australian online casino.

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