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Roulette Instructions

More and more Australians are trying their hand at playing games at an online casino like All Slots Casino. For these newbees, there is a need for clear, easy to understand instructions. How else could someone who has never played online roulette understand how to play without step by step simple online Roulette instructions. Roulette instructions don't need to be long and complex. As long as they cover all the pertinent points, then anyone playing at Australian online casino All Slots Casino will be able to play this very exciting game. Once you have played a few times, you won't need to refer back to the handy roulette instructions that are posted online. Almost every Australian online casino posts the online roulette instructions.

Australian Roulette Instructions

Really, it makes no difference if you are playing online roulette in an Australian online casino or any other. The roulette instructions are the same. You start by selecting how much you wish to bet. When playing in an online casino such as the All Slots Casino, there is no pressure to bet more or less. You bet what you feel comfortable betting. In roulette, once you decide on how much you want to bet, you have a great many options what to bet on. The roulette table is divided into thirty-six numbered squares. You can place your bet on any number of squares. A single bet can cover a single square or you can place your bet on a large group of numbers such as all the odd or all the even numbers. Then, after your bet has been placed, you can click on the button that controls the ball. A ball is sent spinning round a wheel that is encircled by numbered slots. When the wheel slows down, the ball drops into one of the numbered slots. If the slot shares the same number as a square which is covered by one of your bets, you win. The amount you win depends on the odds of your bet. That's all the roulette instructions you need to know whether you want to play on the All Slots Online Casino or at any Australian online casino.

Australian Rules Roulette

While there is no official Australian rules Roulette game, at least not yet, players in an Australian online can choose between American roulette which has both a zero and a double zero and European roulette with a single zero space. Most people choose to play European roulette because the odds are slightly better. Australians prefer the big win to a series of smaller, insignificant victories. So in games like roulette, the Australian online casino is full of people making big bets on harder odds that will pay off very well. These are the inside bets that appear in the interior of a roulette board. These inside bets cover a single number or a few, unlike the larger outside bets that cover one-third or even one half of all the numbers on the table. Inside bets pay off much better than outside ones, but win less frequently. The inside betting strategy tends to fit with the play hard Australian culture. Yet despite this, hardly anything will differentiate an Australian online casino from one hosted in European, Asian, or America. Certainly the official roulette instructions are the same. In fact, the roulette instructions you use to play in an online casino are the same you would use in any traditional casino.

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