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Online Roulette Odds

An important detail to be familiar with when playing in All Slots Online Casino, or at any Australian online casino, is the topic of game odds. Even in a fairly straightforward game such as roulette, the odds are pivotal. Understanding the roulette odds behind any bet will help you be a better player when you play at All Slots Casino. Any Australian who tries their hand at roulette at an Australian online casino like All Slots Casino should take the time to learn about roulette odds. Once you better understand the topic, go try your luck at any online casino. If you have forgotten anything, pretty well every online casino will have a section that can explain how roulette betting odds work.

Roulette Odds: Probability and Payoffs

Roulette odds give you key information about the probability that you will win any specific bet you make and also what the pay off will be from that online casino bet. When playing games like pokies, the subject of odds never seems to come up. But seeing that every Australian online casino also offers traditional games such as roulette, a brief explanation is helpful. When you play online roulette, you have a great many options to bet on. There are thirty-six numbered boxes. You can bet on a single box, two boxes, or almost any combination of boxes. A popular bet is to bet on half of all the numbers by betting on either red or black, or odd or even. The roulette odds will tell you what are your chancing of placing a winning bet. For example, since there are thirty-six numbers, betting on a single box will give you roulette odds of one in thirty-six. Actually, because there is an additional "ineligible for betting" space with a zero, your odds are a little less than one in thirty-six. Chances are you will win only once in thirty-six tries by betting on a single number. On the other hand, the roulette odds of winning when you bet on half the numbers are one in two. So about half the time you make an all red bet, you will win. This is something most Australians would like to hear.

Roulette Odds Pay Off

So it would seem from the above discussion, that if you are playing at All Slots Casino or any Australian online casino, that you should always bet on the largest number of squares. Why make a bet that will only one once every thirty-six times when you can make a bet that will win once every other time? The reason is that roulette odds also govern how much you win. Any bet where half the numbers are covered only pays you an amount equal to what you bet. On the other hand, roulette odds say that a bet that you will win only once every thirty-six times will pay you thirty-six times what ever amount you bet. This principle holds true at any Australian online casino, or at an online casino anywhere in the world. So you can see that knowing the roulette odds is very important.

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