5-Reel Drive Online Slots

As you can probably guess by the name, 5-Reel Drive is a 5-reel slot machine. As you probably also guessed, it’s a slot machine about driving. And as you might deduce from the very clever pun in the name, it’s a very cool online slots game.

Playing the 5-Reel Drive Online Slot Game

The 5-Reel Drive casino slots game features three drivers: Red drives a huge truck, Yellow has a souped up hotrod, and Pink is the pretty lady with the sleek convertible. They’re an unlikely mix, but what they all have in common is love of the freedom of the open road.

5-Reel Drive also has a Police Car. For many drivers, the sight of a police car induces a feeling of impending doom, but when you play slots online, the policeman truly is — as your mother undoubtedly told you — your friend. That’s because the Police Car is a scatter symbol in this online slot game. Three or more Police Car symbols scattered anywhere on the five reels will give you a winning slot machine payout, even if they are not on an enabled payline. When that happens, you will hear the police siren wail to alert you to your slot machine jackpot.

The Winding Road Sign is the wild symbol in the 5-Reel Drive online slot machine. That means it can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots payline. When you see a Winding-Road Sign, you know you’re in for a wild ride.

More 5-Reel Drive Online Slot Machine Symbols

The Flaming Wheel is the top 5-Reel Drive online slot machine symbol. It’s not only a really cool design, it also has the biggest slots payouts. Get five Flaming Wheels on an enabled payline, and you’ll win a 10,000-coin jackpot. That’s pretty cool.

The pair of Dice is also a nice touch in 5-Reel Drive. These are those foam rubber dice that some people, for some reason, like to hang from their rearview mirrors. It definitely adds a touch of class to the online slots game.

Finally, there are all those fast foods that you can typically find in a roadside diner: cheeseburger, chips (Americans call them fries), blueberry pie, soda, and coffee with a donut. They can all create winning slot machine jackpots if they line up correctly on an enabled payline.

Enjoy Playing 5-Reel Drive Online Slots

5-Reel Drive is one of the coolest slot machines at All Slots online casino. The slot machine symbols really give you the feeling of being out for a long drive on the open highway. Add to that the amazing sound effects: the constant whoosh of passing cars, and the occasional wail of the police siren all make for a realistic drive. And, of course, the coolest feature of all: the big online slots jackpots.

So take 5-Reel Drive out for a test drive at All Slots Online Casino. When you hit a winning slots payline, you’ll feel like the King — or Queen — of the Road.

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