Age of Discovery Online Slots

Want to discover a new world? Want to join the great 17th century European explorers on their perilous sea voyages to unknown destinations? The Age of Discovery online slot game lets you do all of that.

Discover New Worlds While Playing Online Slots

The Age of Discovery online slot machine has all the symbols to enable you to relive the great seafaring expeditions of centuries past. First and foremost, there is your sailing ship and its coat of arms. There are the gold coins that served as your currency. There are your instruments of navigation: the compass and the sextant. The sea monster serves as a constant reminder of the dangers of the unknown. And then there are the exotic fruits you will find, thitherto unknown by Europeans: the papaya, the pomegranate, the mango, the avocado, and the banana.

Winning at Age of Discovery Online Slots

To win at the Age of Discovery online slots game, you need to get three or more of the same slots symbol on an enabled payline. Except for the banana — you need only two bananas to win.

The best winning slot machine symbol is the gold coin, which makes sense because the gold coin is, after all, money, and money is what you get when you win at slots. Here are two great things about the gold coin symbol. One: it has the highest payout of any of the Age of Discovery slot machine symbols. Five gold coin symbols pays out 6,000 coins for every coin you bet on the enabled payline. If you bet the maximum 10 coins, you will win 60,000 coins. That’s a lot of gold coins and a big online slots jackpot. Two: the gold coin is also a wild symbol. So if you get, for example, two avocados and a gold coin, your gold coin counts as an avocado and you win the three-avocado prize. The wild symbol makes it a lot easier to win at slots online.

Another great symbol is the sea monster. Now, you make think of running into a sea monster as a bad thing, since he can destroy your ship and swallow you and your fellow able-bodied seapersons. But running into this particular sea monster is actually a good thing, because this sea monster is a scatter symbol. That means that you win if three or more sea monsters appear anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine, even if they are not on an enabled payline. And winning at slots is definitely a good thing.

Playing the Treasure Bonus Game

If three or more compass symbols appear on the Age of Discovery five-reel slot machine, you get to play the Treasure Bonus game. You will see a Treasure Map with thirty Treasure Sites on it. Just pick a Treasure Site, and win the Hidden Treasure bonus for that site. Then pick another site, and win another bonus. You can keep picking Treasure Sites and accumulating more bonuses until you pick a Skull and Crossbones. Then you have to stop. You can win up to 32,250 coins in the Treasure Bonus game.

Enjoy Playing the Age of Discovery Online Slot Machine

The Age of Discovery online casino slots game has a lot going for it. The cool graphics and sound effects will, with just a little bit of imagination, bring you back into that glorious era of European discoveries even as you are playing slots online on your 21st-century computer. Add in the high payouts, the wild symbol, the scatter symbol, and the bonus game, and you’ll understand why Age of Discovery is one of the most popular online slot machines around.

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