Cash ‘n’ Curry Online Fruit Machine

If you like your online slot games hot and spicy, with some big jackpots on the side, then the Cash ‘n’ Curry online fruit machine is just the game for you.

An Online Fruit Machine in an Indian Restaurant

The Cash ‘n Curry online fruit machine action takes place inside a classic Indian restaurant. You’ll find classic Indian foods like Poppadoms (Indian flat breads) and red hot chili peppers, as well as limes, watermelons, and loads of pints of beer to cool you down.

The best fruit machine symbol of them all is the Ruby Ring. When three Ruby Rings appear on the payline, you win 500 times the amount of your bet.

Special Online Fruit Machine Symbols

Like all online fruit machines, Cash ‘n’ Curry has Hold and Nudge features. These are the features that add an element of strategy to your online slots play and that distinguish fruit machines from ordinary online slot machines.

But Cash ‘n Curry has more than that. It also has a Gamble Nudge feature and a Nudge Bank where you can hold your nudges for future use. These are special features that are unique to Cash ‘n Curry and that make it easier for you to win online fruit machine jackpots.

The Cash ‘n Curry Bonus Trail

Balti is a type of very spicy Indian or Pakistani food that is cooked and served in a wide metal pan. When you play Cash ‘n Curry online fruit machine, you will often see a little red, green, or yellow balti on top of the fruit machine symbols. Every time a balti appears like that, a corresponding balti lights up on the balti rack. And when three baltis in a row light up on the balti rack, you get to play the Bonus Trail game.

The Bonus Trail consists of 24 squares. Every spin advances you a certain number of squares along the trail, where you can land on the Bhaji Bonus (bhaji is a spicy Indian snack made with fried onions), the Spice-O-Meter, the Chicken Ticker, the Turbo Boost, the Rogan Josh (a lamb curry dish), the Bombay Mix, or the “Vindaloot” (vindaloo is a meat dish made with pork, lamb, or chicken in wine and garlic).

The Bonus Trail will really get you into the Indian cooking mood, as well as giving you the chance to win some real jackpots. If you reach the last square on the trail, that’s the Curry Go-Round Super Jackpot, where you can win up to 500 times the amount of your bet. And the Repeat feature allows you to repeat up to 3 times, so you can actually win 2,000 times the amount of your bet.

Enjoy Playing Cash ‘n’ Curry Online Fruit Machine

If you like Cash — as in real money fruit machine jackpots — and you like Curry — as in spicy and flavourful Indian foods — you’re sure to love the Cash ‘n’ Curry online fruit machine game at All Slots Online Casino. Give Cash ‘n’ Curry a try, and enjoy some red hot online slots entertainment.

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