Cash Splash Online Progressive Slots

Cash Splash is a bright and colourful online progressive slots game that is comes in both 3-reel and 5‑reel versions. Get lucky with Cash Splash and you could win the big progressive jackpot and be splashing around in a big pile of real cash.

The Cash Splash Progressive Jackpot

The 3-reel Cash Splash and 5-reel Cash Splash online slot games share a progressive jackpot that gets bigger every time anybody plays either Cash Splash game at All Slots Casino or any other online casino anywhere in the world. You can actually see the jackpot grow right on your screen as it reaches into the tens of thousands of dollars, pounds, Euros, or kroner.

Of course, as with any other online slot machine, Cash Splash has many other prizes besides the progressive jackpot. So even if you are not lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot, you can still have a good time and win some nice prizes playing Cash Splash slots online.

Cash Splash Online Slots Strategy

The best slots strategy when playing Cash Splash progressive online slots is to always bet the max. Betting the maximum amount is what makes you eligible to win the progressive jackpot. So, even though you could win other prizes with smaller bets, winning the big one should always be your ultimate goal when playing any online progressive slot machine. Betting the max is the only way to do it, so why not give yourself a chance to get lucky?

The maximum wager in either 3-reel or 5-reel Cash Splash is only 3 credits. Considering the many thousands of credits you could win, this is really a small investment to make on the possibility that you could get lucky and hit it big.

The Three-Reel Cash Splash Progressive Online Slot Machine

The 3-reel Cash Splash progressive online slot machine has one payline and it has a coin size fixed at one credit. You may wager up to 3 coins for a maximum wager of 3 credits.

Three-reel Cash Splash has all the traditional slot machine symbols: cherries, single double and triple bars, and lucky 7s. It also has one very special symbol: the Cash Splash symbol.

The Cash Splash is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots combination. If one Cash Splash symbol completes a winning payline, it doubles the regular payout. If two Cash Splash symbols complete a winning payline, they quadruple the regular payout. And, best of all, if three Cash Splash symbols appear on the payline — and you have made the max bet of three coins — you win the big progressive jackpot.

The Five-Reel Cash Splash Online Progressive Slot Machine

The 5-reel Cash Splash online progressive slot machine has fifteen paylines and a fixed coin size of 0.20 credits. Every coin you wager enables another payline up to 15 coins, which enables all fifteen paylines and creates the max bet of 3.00 credits.

Five-reel Cash Splash has the traditional cherries, bars, and 7s, just like three-reel Cash Splash, but it also has other symbols — such as the stash of cash — to create even more online slots excitement. There is a Scatter Symbol, which can pay off with a prize any time three of them appear anywhere on the slot machine reels, even if they are not on a payline.

The Cash Splash symbol is a Wild Symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create winning paylines. If five Cash Splash symbols appear on a payline, you win a very nice prize of 6,000 coins. Unless the five Cash Splash symbols appear on the fifteenth payline. In that case, you win an even nicer prize: the progressive jackpot.

Play Cash Splash Online at All Slots

With so many ways to win, with a big progressive jackpot always beckoning, and with a choice of 3‑reel or 5-reel formats, there is a lot to love about Cash Splash. Play Cash Splash online at All Slots Casino, and you could be the next big Cash Splash winner.

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