Cashapillar Online Slots

Cashapillar is the online slot machine with 100 paylines. One hundred paylines means lots and lots of online slots fun. With so many paylines, it’s difficult not to win something at Cashapillar online slots.

A Giant Leap in Online Slots History

For a while, Dolphin Tale and Prime Property held the world online slots record with 40 paylines each. Then, in 2007, Gladiator came along with 50 paylines. Finally, in 2008, Cashapillar emerged and shattered the old record with 100 paylines.

The 100-payline online slot machine was not a small or incremental increase. By actually doubling the old record, Cashapillar represented a giant leap in slot machine history.

A Bigger Online Slot Machine for More Paylines

How was All Slots Casino able to put so many paylines into their Cashapillar slot machine? The answer is simple: They created a bigger slot machine. A bigger slot machine can fit in more paylines.

Most online video slot machines are in the form of a 3X5 grid. There are five reels, and three lines of symbols show on each reel. Cashapillar, on the other hand, is a 5X5 grid. Five lines of slot machine symbols show up on each of the five reels. With a big 5X5 grid, there is room for 100 paylines. The super-sized 5X5 grid represents a major advance in online casino slots design and technology, which means an advantage for you, the online slots player.

Cashapillar Online Slot Machine Features

Of course, there is more to the Cashapillar online slot machine than the world-record 100 paylines. There are plenty of the great features that make playing slots online so enjoyable. There is a Scatter symbol. There is a Wild symbol, which is also a Multiplier. There is a Free Spins bonus game, in which all your wins are tripled. There are all your loveable creepy-crawly creatures: the Cashapillar, the Ladybug, the Snail, the Rhino Beetle, and the Wasp. There are 100 good reasons to love the 100-payline Cashapillar online slots game.

Winning at Cashapillar Online Slots

One hundred paylines is a lot of paylines and a lot of chances to win at slots. The Cashapillar online slot machine has paylines that go straight horizontal and diagonal, and it has paylines that twist and turn in every conceivable direction.

When you play slots online with 100 enabled paylines, it’s almost inevitable that you will hit a winning slots combination on at least one of them. That’s why Cashapillar is such a winnable online slot machine.

So try playing the Cashapillar slot machine online. Cashapillar means lots of paylines, lots of features, lots of fun, and lots of chances to win.

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