Casino War Strategy

Casino War is a pretty simple online casino game. If you get a higher card than the dealer, you win at Casino War; and that’s a question of luck. But there is an important element of Casino War strategy that should not be overlooked.

Online Casino War: To Raise or to Surrender?

When your card and the dealer’s card tie in a game of online Casino War, you have a choice to make: Raise or Surrender. And this is where strategy comes into play when you play Casino War online.

If you choose to Surrender, you lose half your bet and the game is over. This is the cautious approach. Certainly, it is better to lose half your bet than to lose your whole bet. But, truth be told, it is not much fun to play Casino War this way.

Or you could Raise.

Going to War

If you choose to Raise, the amount of your bet is doubled, three cards are burnt (discarded), and you and the dealer then receive one more card apiece. In the old card game of War, this was called “going to war”, an apt and dynamic term for the most exciting aspect of online Casino War.

If, after Raising, your second card is higher than the dealer’s, you win the Casino War bet. And if the two cards tie again, you win an Ante Bonus of 2-to-1 on your bet. That is real Casino War excitement.

Why Are You in the Online Casino?

It all comes down to the question of why are you in the online casino in the first place. Most likely, you are in the online casino because you want to gamble, and online gambling means taking risks in order to have a chance to win real money. Very few people join an online casino because they want to surrender.

If you are really in the online casino because you want to gamble, then the Casino War strategy decision is clear. Always Raise. Always go to war. Always go for the online gambling thrills and excitement. Those are the best tips to win at Casino War and to enjoy your online casino experience. Be a Casino Warrior!

Online Casino War at All Slots Online Casino

Along with that, you should always play online Casino War at All Slots Online Casino, home of the best online Casino War as well as the best online casino bonuses. That is another important Casino War strategy to keep in mind.

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