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Online Slots 101

The original land based video slots

Source: Pixabay There was a time when slots were large, mechanical contraptions that worked with cogs and wheels, and were massively restricted in the entertainment they offered. But times have changed. Slots turned digital, drastically increasing their entertainment value thanks to added visual effects and advanced sound. Not long after they went digital, they went online. That’s where we are today. There are a huge number of amazing slots just waiting to be played, and if you’ve never [Read more ...]

New Game Release – Cash of Kingdoms!

Cash of Kingdoms slot

It’s that time again when the powers that be unveil a new casino game to the masses. That game is Cash of Kingdoms, or as I prefer to call it, Ca$h of Kingdoms. Microgaming, makers of online casino gaming content for a bazillion years already, are at it once again, and they’ve done everyone a favour by giving this new game a dual release. This means that Cash of Kingdoms will be available as both an online video slot game and a mobile slot game. If you’re a serious slots player then you [Read more ...]

Infinity Wars’ Thanos Dispels the Myth of CGI

Infinity Walls Thanos

Source: Infinity War has arrived and it’s doing the numbers. But it’s not just doing the numbers, it’s killing it at the box office. I have no doubt that the receipts from Blu Ray, Ultra HD and DVD sales will be favourable to say the least. Infinity Wars has enjoyed immense success for a number of reasons. It’s part of the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) world-building project that’s the culmination of 10 years of work. If this movie was released without the [Read more ...]

We have a HO HO HOST of fun for you this December!


With a plethora of promotions, tournaments and thrilling game releases, excitement will certainly be present at All Slots Online Casino this December. 1. Scratch your way to big casino prizes This festive season, enter our Scratch2Win promotion and win a share of 400,000 Euros in guaranteed prizes that include Free Spins, Rewards points and credits. Simply, wager and play your favourite games and earn Rewards points to unlock 1 of 60 instant scratch cards. Each time your progress [Read more ...]

Video Games Tipped to Top the Best 2018 Gaming List!

Top 3 Video Games for 2018

An intoxicating collection of sequels, prequels and brand new video game titles are planned for release in 2018. Players can anticipate exotic and beautiful open worlds, exciting new characters and sophisticated gameplay powered by advanced game engines. If the rumours are true and the trailers faithful to the overall look and feel of the action, gamers have something really special to look forward to as the new year looms into view. Here are three console games set to sizzle and splash [Read more ...]

New Slots Coming Soon

Lucky Link and King Tusk coming in November.

All Slots Casino – the best place for online gambling –  is gearing up for the release two new slots for players to enjoy. Lucky Link and King Tusk are the casino’s featured slots for November and will be joining the casino’s lineup of over 700 unique casino games. As featured monthly slots, the casino has a variety of new-game-related promotional offers for players to take advantage of. If you haven’t already, register a new account to take advantage of the [Read more ...]

Halloween® is coming to All Slots


UPDATE: Halloween® online slot is now available at All Slots Online Casino.  After the successful release of the movie in 1978  which has now grossed $47 million at the box office, Microgaming signed a license agreement develop an online slot with the same name. This feature rich, horror classic will be launched just in time for Halloween! Halloween® online slot is coming to All Slots this October! Brace yourself to feel the suspense build as the [Read more ...]

When do you bluff in poker?

Playing poker successfully requires a good strategy and skills.

The art of bluffing is an essential part of playing poker. The purpose of bluffing is to create the impression that your hand is stronger than it really is. If your bluff is successful the other players would fold. But do you know when to bluff and with whom you can practice the art of bluffing with? Fear not, if you are not an expert when it comes to bluffing and poker. we’ve got all the tips on how to bluff in this crash course. Who are you playing against? In order to become skilled [Read more ...]

Best Gambling Books for Real-life Tips

Best Gambling Books

Image – courtesy of High stakes gambling is synonymous with fast men and fast money… here today, gone tomorrow. It’s an exciting, intoxicating world that’s spawned novels, how-to guides, TV shows and movies. Legends like Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S Thompson not only immortalised gambling in their copious collection of books, they lived – and loved – gambling to the full.  Today, a new coterie of stars has taken [Read more ...]

Castle builder II ™ review

Castle Builder II video slot review

If you ever had medieval dreams about building your own castle and ultimately owning your own kingdom, you better make sure you play Castle Builder II™.   Castle Builder II™ is a five reel, 15 paylines video slot with 3 playable avatars with different skills, 15 kingdoms, 75 castles (to make sure you find your perfect one) and 4 game difficulties. The names of the three avatars are Sam, Mandy and Igor, though the latter is only available if you complete the game once with [Read more ...]