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How to Call Out a Friend For Sexism

Anti-sexism protestors in London.

Source: Wikimedia Over the past few decades, there has been plenty of progress in the fight against sexual discrimination. And yet, low levels of sexism persist in all areas of society and – in some cases – it is still unfortunately rife. Some men, for example, demean women’s sport, think that females are not as skilled at gambling despite evidence to the contrary and that the gender pay gap is a result of lower quality work, on average, than from institutional issues. Sure, sexism is [Read more ...]

GTA Online’s rarest car can only be won in the casino

Grand Theft Auto logo

Source: Wikimedia Most games entice gamers with prizes and loot boxes. Well, Grand Theft Auto Online just made their games worth more of your time. They are expanding their rewards to include exclusive vehicles, and every fan is raving about the Vapid Lost Slamvan. After years of blacklisting it and allowing the players to use it in missions only, they are making it available permanently. Gamers do not just win the car; they get to keep it. A dream come true for Grand Theft Auto Online [Read more ...]

The Top 10 Films at the 2019 Venice Film Festival

The 2019 Venice Festival line-up

Source: Nextbestpicture The 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival kicks off on 29th August and ends on 7th September. With the official announcement of the international movie line-up, the festival is taking shape. Long-awaited releases will feature in the anticipated fall film season with the likes of Brad Pitt’s drama ‘Ad Astra’ and DC’s standalone movie ‘Joker’ setting the scene for an exciting festival. So why not take a break from your favourite [Read more ...]

Why Do We Yawn?

Because babies yawn, we know that it isn't a learned behaviour, but an innate one.

Source: Wikimedia A yawn is a deep breath that is taken within a normal breathing cycle, usually with the mouth wide open, presumably to maximise the body’s capacity to feed the lungs with greater levels of oxygen. If you have been spending hours gambling online or playing video games, then yawning is probably a sign that you ought to take a break and do something else for a bit. That said, yawning does not only occur after we have been relatively sedentary for a period of time. We can [Read more ...]

France Aims Its Tax Laws At Big Technology Companies

French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire.

Source: Wikimedia Since the dawn of the internet, it has been used for commerce. While many operators pay their taxes locally for transactions that have been made on the web, the policing of those who do not has been hard for tax authorities the world over. This is especially the case when cross-border transactions are made and supply from one country to another may involve the actual transaction going on in cyberspace, potentially on servers outside of normal jurisdictions. For the tax [Read more ...]

The Best Parental Control Apps of 2019

Kids have lots of access to digital media nowadays.

Source: Pixabay The current generation of children have more access to digital technology than any that went before it. Although internet-based services are extremely helpful for children in many ways – they can access learning resources, communicate with their friends and find age-appropriate entertainment, for example – there is undoubtedly a darker side to consider. Few, if any, parents would be comfortable with their children happening upon adult-only content. Equally, parents need to [Read more ...]

Faq Concerns About Disposal Of Household Waste


Source:Pixabay There’s no doubt that recycling has become one of the primary concerns of governments, local authorities and domestic consumers in equal measure. However, one of the perennial problems is that sorting waste at source inevitably throws up queries about the process, the best way to recycle certain materials and much else besides. Remember to be consistent and help the environment. Buy only recycled or reused products and in your day to day domestic life, choose shops, [Read more ...]

Pet Sematary Returns…But How Scary Is It?

Pet Semetary

Source: Dailyexpress When horror maestro, Stephen King, was asked which of his novels scared him the most, he stated for the record that it was none other than his 1983 classic, Pet Sematary. Fast forward to 2019 and we have another statement, this time by movie directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch, promising that their film version of the book will be the scariest Stephen King screen adaptation yet – which begs the question…is it? Let’s take a [Read more ...]

A Hard Man is Good to Find


Source: Pixabay Birds do it. Bees do it. And now, apparently, even hominid simulacrums affectionately dubbed ‘Humpin’ Henry’ do it. What exactly is a hominid simulacrum, you ask? Plainly put, it’s a human replica. A carbon copy of sorts. And what’s the purpose of this particular one? Let’s just say to mimic what his female counterpart, Harmony, has been offering since her release in 2018. Sex. Only, much like Harmony, Henry’s not offering just any kind [Read more ...]

The Lessons to Be Learned From the Momo Challenge


Source:Nouvel Obs The internet is full of dangers for children so it is little wonder that parents fall for hoaxes sometimes which target their worst fears, such as the Momo challenge. Of course, much of the fuss over Momo spread over social media sites like Facebook. Although Facebook is supposed to have a minimum age requirement of 13, insufficient checks are carried out to verify the ages of users unlike the more stringent checks that are in place at casinos and other adult-only online [Read more ...]