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Top African Soccer Rivalries

Casablanca derby

Source: Wikimedia African nations play a high standard of football these days, largely as a result of leading players from the continent plying their professional trade for European clubs. International football in Africa is often exciting a free-flowing with some exceptionally skilful players on show. That said, there are plenty of clubs in the continent that are able to build up the quality of their squads from home grown talent and the quality of African domestic football is getting better [Read more ...]

The Lowdown on SpaceX

SpaceX Falcon Heavy and Crew Dragon lifting off

Source: Having just successfully launched the world’s largest operational rocket, the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX is on its way to making the possibility of domestic space travel become a reality. Spearheaded by serial entrepreneur and visionary, Elon Musk, SpaceX is a private aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company. It seems that very little is out of reach for the company and its impassioned CEO, what with having shot a cherry red Tesla Roadster into space, but [Read more ...]

Is that a robot I’m talking to?

Bridging the gap between humans and artificial intelligence

Source: Pixabay It’s happening: AI bots that make phone calls on your behalf, and sound totally human in the process. The remarkable technology behind the latest Google Assistant feature is Google Duplex – a fully automated system designed to book appointments for you in a natural-sounding voice instead of a robotic one. While it is still under development it can already react intelligently when a conversation doesn’t go as expected. Plus, it’s not the only one! Microsoft also has an AI [Read more ...]

March’s new games are buzzing with big wins!

Catch waves of adventure and sweet wins with 3x Loyalty Points! It’s a wild celebration in Pollen Party with 720 Ways to win, you’ll be buzzing with 2 exciting bonus features, exclusive winning combinations and scatters to win 12 Free Spins. Play the Babee Bonus Symbol and zip your way through to a second chance at big wins up to $110,000. The honeycombs are filled with multiple winning combinations, extra wilds and high flying excitement! The Emperor of the Sea will take you on a [Read more ...]

New February Games at All Slots

This February, All Slots is having a special new games release with FOUR games specifically designed for the mobile – phone and tablet – casino.  The new mobile games are more exciting and entertaining than ever with expanded elements, increased visual imagery, more interactive action and bigger payouts than ever! Let’s take a quick look at what makes these new mobile games so special: Classic 243 – Classic 243 Slot machine shows that you can enjoy an [Read more ...]

Winner’s Circle

One way to the online casino that will offer the most rewarding gaming adventure is to check the casino’s winner’s circle. Looking at the recent winners will tell you about the casino’s payouts and win percentage as well as how the casino compensates its winners. Check the Casino As you research online casinos you’ll notice that some casinos throw out general platitudes such as “you can find big wins here” or “our casino offers the best [Read more ...]

Don’t Forget Your Lucky Charm

Online slots players rely on good fortune to ensure that they get the most out of their gaming adventure. Regardless of whether you’re playing three-reel classic slot machines, five-reel video slots, bonus slots, fruit machines, 243 Ways to Win slots or any of the other types of slot machines, your lucky spins are the ones that take you from a mediocre gambling event to a highly successful one. Some players turn to gaming theories to boost their success rates. These theories, such as the [Read more ...]

More New Games means more Loyalty Points!

You read that right – two new games releases in one month! February will have you spinning the reels as you play these new additions and get 3x Loyalty Points for three more days! The nostalgic look of Classic 243™ will take you back to the 80’s! Flashy neon colored graphics and loud futuristic sounds bring nothing but excitement. Play your way through stacks and wilds to the Free Spins feature and add to your strategy with the gamble feature. Spin for big wins on [Read more ...]

Payout Percentages Explained

Casino payout percentages vary, depending on whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or at an online casino and depending on which game you play. This guide featuring payout percentages explained can help you determine what kinds of payouts to expect from your gambling adventure. Determining Your Payout Determining your payouts for any specific game depends on several different factors. Return to Player — Each game is programmed to pay out a specific percentage of the [Read more ...]

Beyond the Slots Games at All Slots Online

It’s well known that All Slots Casino is the industry leader in slots games, with hundreds of titles of all types and styles. Poker, blackjack, and Roulette also get their fair share of attention. But what gets lost in the excitement is that All Slots online also has a huge number of other games, all of which have the same quality and excitement. If you’re a fan of variety at the casino, All Slots has what you want, including: Keno –  Pick up to 15 numbers and see how [Read more ...]