Cool Wolf Online Slots

He is an ordinary, albeit slightly nerdy, teenaged boy by day, but at night — when the moon is full, when the wild symbol hits, when the Howling Wild strikes, or when the free spins roll — he turns into a wolf. And not just any wolf, but a leather-jacketed, shades-wearing, electric-guitar-playing Cool Wolf, adored by the most popular cheerleaders in school and star of the Cool Wolf online slot game at All Slots Online Casino. Cool Wolf slots has 5 reels, 243 Ways to Win, and loads of special features.

The Howling Wild Feature

The Howling Wild feature can strike randomly at any time when you play slots online with Cool Wolf. When it does, you will see our teenaged boy occupy an entire reel of the online slot machine, and then you will see him slowly metamorphose into a giant Cool Wolf. Then you will see the Cool Wolf go on a rampage, tearing the reel apart, and making the whole reel wild with a guaranteed win for you. It is an amazing online slots feature and an amazing spectacle to behold.

Stacked Wild Symbols

The Cool Wolf Logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create winning ways. And just as wolves travel in packs, the Cool Wolf wild symbol travels in stacks: a stack of 18 on Reel 3, a stack of 25 on Reel 4, and a stack of 3 on Reel 5. This means that when a wild Logo symbol hits, you are likely to see two or three of them on a single reel creating multiple winning ways on a single spin.

And when the Wild Logo does create a winning way, it transforms into a guitar-playing Cool Wolf for added fun in keeping with the Cool Wolf theme.

Consecutive Wins with Rolling Reels

After every winning spin in Cool Wolf online slots, you will see the winning slots symbols crossed off and deleted from the reels. The reels will then roll a little more to fill in the empty spaces with new slot machine symbols, creating the possibility of more winning combinations with no additional wager. And if that happens, the process repeats with the winning symbols deleted and the reels rolling again. There is no limit to how many consecutive wins you can hit on one spin with Rolling Reels.

Scatter Symbols and Free Spins with Increasing Multipliers

A ticket to the Cool Wolf movie playing at your local Cineplex is also your ticket to scatter wins and free spins. Three, four, or five Ticket symbols appearing anywhere on the online slot machine, even if they are not on adjacent reels, will award you a payout and will also award you 15, 20, or 25 free spins.

One cool thing about free spins in Cool Wolf is that the teenaged boy symbol in the base game is replaced by the leather-jacketed Cool Wolf symbol. And an even cooler thing is that the Rolling Reels have an additional Multiplier feature. Every consecutive win with Rolling Reels increases the multiplier amount, so Free Spins with Rolling Reels and Increasing Multipliers adds up to a chance to win some very big online slots jackpots with Cool Wolf.

Play Cool Wolf Slots Online at All Slots

Be cool! Be wild! Play Cool Wolf slots online at All Slots Casino! You’ll have lots of fun, enjoy some incredible online slots features, and you could win some real online slots jackpots. Try it today!

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