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There’s a lot to be said for playing craps in a real brick-and-mortar craps casino. There is the thrill of throwing a real pair of craps dice, and the camaraderie you can feel with your fellow craps players. But there are also many advantages to playing craps online in the comfort of your own home.

Have a Seat in the Online Casino

One of the rules in the on-land craps casino is that all the craps players have to stand up while playing craps. That can be fun for a few minutes, but it doesn’t take long for the fun to wear pretty thin. Try standing at the craps table for an hour or so, and you’ll surely wish you were someplace else. Well, you could be at home in front of your computer, sitting in your most comfortable easy chair, logged on to the online casino, and enjoying craps in style. What could be better than that?

Choose Your Favourite Craps Bet When You Play Craps Online

When you play craps online, you’ll see a wide range of possible craps bets on the virtual craps table, and you are free to bet on whichever one you feel like. When you play craps on land, all the betting possibilities are there in theory, but the unwritten rules of craps etiquette make them not so available in practice. Betting on the Don’t Pass bet, for example, is considered betting “against the shooter” and is frowned upon.

In online craps, the Don’t Pass bet is one of the best bets, with good odds and a small house advantage. In land-based craps, betting the Don’t Pass bet will get you shunned and ostracized by everyone else at the craps table. Who needs that aggravation, when you could play craps online and bet as you wish?

It’s Easy to Shoot the Dice in the Online Craps Casino

Shooting a pair of craps dice is not that easy, especially for beginners. Throw them too softly, and they’ll fall short of the back wall and you’ll be called for a foul. Throw them too hard, and they’ll go flying off the table and create a big uproar in the casino. And then there’s always the danger that your dice throw could knock over someone’s stack of chips or, even worse, somebody’s drink.

When you play craps online, you just need to click the Roll button on your computer screen for a perfect roll of the dice every time. The online craps casino and the Roll button make shooting the craps dice the simplest thing in the world.

Learn While You’re Playing Craps Online

Craps is not the simplest casino gambling game. There are many different types of craps bets, each with its own rules and its own payout odds. When you play craps online, you can take your time, look up anything you’re unsure of, and learn as you play, with no fear of looking foolish. Ultimately, this can only improve your game and thus improve your chances of winning at craps.

You can even play free craps games online while you’re learning and perfecting your craps strategy, and wait until you’re good and ready and have some confidence in your craps game before you decide to put some real money down on the virtual craps table. That’s another luxury you don’t have when you play craps on land.

Play Craps Online at All Slots Casino

Playing craps in a land-based casino is so exciting that everybody ought to try it at least once in a lifetime. But once could very well be enough. For ease, comfort, and convenience, nothing beats playing craps online. Come play craps at All Slots Online Casino and you’ll see for yourself how exciting online craps can be.

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