Days of the Tsar Online Slots

The Days of the Tsar online slot machine enables you to relive the glory days of the Imperial Russian monarchy. While historians might quibble that the days of the tsar were actually days of tyranny and oppression, that is not what this online slot game is about. This slots game is about experiencing and evoking the splendor and romance of the royal court, and with that there can be no argument.

The Days of the Tsar utilizes slots symbols including the handsome but clearly troubled tsar, a rather dour looking tsarina, a magnificent Russian cathedral, the official royal seal, a statue of a brave Russian horseman, and a gorgeous Faberge egg. When you see these symbols spinning on your online slot machine, you will feel as if you have gained entry into the inner chambers of the Tsar’s palace.

How to Play Days of the Tsar Online Slots

The Days of the Tsar online slot machine has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The coin sizes start at 0.01 and go up to 0.25 credits. You can bet up to 20 coins on each enabled payline.

This means that Days of the Tsar is an online slots game appropriate to all budgets. At the low end, you can choose the 1-penny coin and bet one coin on one payline. In other words, play Days of the Tsar as a true penny slots game. At the high end, just do the math: if you bet 20 coins on each of the 25 paylines, that’s 500 coins. If you use the 0.25 coin, that comes to 125 credits riding on each spin of the online slot machine. That is serious online slots gambling.

Of course, most people choose something in the middle. Few people play online slots for only a penny, and few are willing to risk 125 dollars, pounds, or Euros on a single spin of the slot machine reels. But the point is that Days of the Tsar gives such a wide range of slots wagering options that everyone can find a level that feels comfortable to him or her.

How to Win at Days of the Tsar Casino Slots

You win at the Days of the Tsar casino slots if you get 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbol in a row on an enabled payline. A few of the top symbols also allow you to win with only 2 in a row. The top slots payout in Days of the Tsar is for five Tsar symbols on an enabled payline: 10,000 times the amount of your bet on the winning payline. That is an online slots jackpot worth playing for.

After each spin of the online slot machine, the computer tells you which (if any) of your enabled paylines have been won, and the amount of each slots payout. That takes all the confusion out of winning at slots and makes your online slots playing easier and more enjoyable.

Substitute and Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

In Days of the Tsar online slots, the Tsar symbol acts as a Substitute symbol. So if, for example, an enabled payline has Cathedral-Tsar-Cathedral, the Tsar is treated as a substitute Cathedral symbol, and you get credit for a 3-Cathedral winning payline.

The Faberge Egg is a Scatter symbol. That means they don’t have to appear on an enabled payline or in any particular order. Two or more Faberge Eggs “scattered” anywhere on the video slot machine will pay out up to 100 times your total bet amount.

In addition, three or more scattered Faberge Eggs triggers the Free Spins feature. Free spins are one of the best features in any online slots game. It gives you the chance to win at slots — and win real money — without the risk of losing anything. You can’t go wrong with Faberge Eggs and Free Spins in Days of the Tsar online slots. This slots game is definitely worth a try.

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