Dolphin Coast Online Slots

Dolphin Coast is the incredible online slots game featuring beautiful color images of the dolphins’ underwater habitat, free spins, stacked wilds, and a great bonus game. And best of all, Dolphin Coast offers an amazing 3,125 ways to win on every spin of the online slot machine reels.

Dolphin Coast Offers 3,125 Ways to Win at Slots

Dolphin Coast is a 5-reel video slot machine, and each reel has five rows of online slot machine symbols. To win a slots jackpot, you just need three or more of the same symbol on adjacent reels, starting with Reel 1. So, for example, a Starfish anywhere on Reel 1, another Starfish anywhere on reel 2, and a third Starfish anywhere on Reel 3 makes you an online slots winner. Another Starfish on Reel 4 would make you an even bigger winner, and yet another on Reel 5 even bigger still.

All together, when you figure out all of the possible winning alignments, it comes out to an unbelievable — but true — 3,125 Ways to Win when you play slots online at the Dolphin Coast.

It’s a Beautiful Underwater World of Slot Machine Images

Dolphin Coast online slots presents some wonderful images of the rich world of undersea life. There is, of course, the intelligent and friendly Dolphin himself. There is also the Sea Turtle, the Red Fish, the Jellyfish, the Zebra Fish, the Sea Horse, and the Starfish. And they’re all presented in rich colorful images that capture the beauty of this diverse and awe-inspiring habitat.

Win at Dolphin Coast Slots with Wild and Scatter Symbols

As the star of the show in Dolphin Coast, the Dolphin gets to be the wild symbol that substitutes for any other slot machine symbol. And in this online slot game, the wild symbol is stacked, which means it can appear simultaneously on all five rows of a slot machine reel. So if you get a Sea Turtle on Reel 1, five stacked Dolphins on Reel 2, and another Sea Turtle on Reel 3, you have actually achieved five Winning Ways on one lucky spin of the reels. And that, of course, means a big casino slots jackpot for you.

Another great way to win at Dolphin Coast slots is with the School-of-Fish scatter symbol. The great thing about scatter symbols is that they do not have to appear on adjacent reels. Three or more School-of-Fish symbols scattered anywhere on the five reels and five rows of the online slot machine will make you a winner. And not only that, they will also trigger 25 Free Spins, yet another great way to win at slots when you visit the Dolphin Coast.

Play Dolphin Coast at All Slots Online Casino

With its beautiful undersea images, 3,125 Ways to Win, wild and scatter symbols and Free Spins, Dolphin Coast has a lot to offer any online casino slots lover. and All Slots Casino, the #1 online slots casino, is the best place to play this great slot game. So dive right in! The water is refreshing and the slot machine play is exciting at All Slots Casino and Dolphin Coast.

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