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European Blackjack Brings New Life To Table Games

European BlackjackSource: Microgaming

If you’ve ever played the slots online, you know how important a streamlined, attractive gaming experience is to your play. Luckily for you, there’s Switch Studios and their new European Blackjack game, out on May 15, 2019. Your gaming experience will never be the same after you get a taste of European Blackjack. The game can be played in both landscape and portrait modes, perfect for mobile users who want a flexible play experience. The Desktop version is equally adapted for your large screens. And with fluid gameplay, beautiful animations, and engaging sound, there’s no reason to stay away from the Blackjack table.


Dinner Party Blackjack

Blackjack is a table game, which means it’s typically played at a table with other people. But when you play online, you might wonder how to take your play back into the real world. With a game as immersive and exciting as European Blackjack, you’ll want to know a few ways to slide it into general conversation so you can get your friends playing with you. Here’s a good way to start. Since blackjack started out as a game called “twenty-one,” you can tell your friends that players of the game also hit blackjack an average of once every 21 hands. How’s that for symmetry? They’ll also be impressed to know that in three consecutive hands, your chances are 86% for winning at least one. And now that you have those party tricks, you can convince your friends to play with you and get back to the game.

Clean Display

Imagine yourself using your wide, expansive display screen at home. When you open European Blackjack, you’ll be greeted with the wide blue of a blackjack table. “European Blackjack,” reads white text in the middle of the felt, “pays 3 to 2. Dealer must stand on all 17. Insurance pays 2 to 1.” The game is minimalist, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Let your eyes relax into focus on your red, yellow, green, and blue chips, and you’ll forget you’re sitting at a computer.

Bet Limits and Stats

You can expect to win big with this game. Your bet limits are between $1.00 and $200, so you’re good to play whether you’re hoping to enter the table on $5, $50, or $150. You can play no matter your budget. The return to player (RTP) is 99.6%, so if you bet the minimum one hundred times, you can expect to make back almost every cent. And we’re not even talking big bets. You could hit it big and make much more, since the volatility is low and the hit rate is a massive 43.56%. European Blackjack is on your side.

Double Down

With the new Double Down feature, if you’re dealt two cards totaling 9, 10, or 11, your bet can be automatically doubled. You’ll also receive one final card. Imagine you’re dealt a Five of Clubs and a Four of Spades. European Blackjack can double your bet and then feed you an Ace, bringing your count up to 20!

Other Highlighted Features

The game also includes new features like Split Hands, Turbo Mode, and Left Hand Mode. Split Hands allows you to split your hand into two. You automatically get this option when you’re dealt two cards of similar values. If you like a little extra insurance, you can take an Insurance Bet against the dealer when their first play is an Ace, and you’ll get 2 to 1 returns if you win the bet. Turbo Mode makes the dealer move faster when dealing cards in and clearing them out, so you can focus in on what matters most: your play. If you’re left-handed, you might want to switch your view around. Left Hand Mode will let you customize the screen so you can reach buttons like Hit/Stand, Split/Double, and Yes/No more easily.

All Slots Lets You Own The Table

You love playing at All Slots because of the game selection, ease of play, and great bonuses and other offers. European Blackjack just gives you all the more reason to crack your knuckles and practice your math skills whether on your desktop computer or on your phone.