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Galactic Gamble: blast through space for your share of €200k

Galactic Gamble: blast through space for your share of €200k

The Galactic Gamble runs from 8 to 30 June for a chance to travel through space for your share of Free Spins, Rewards points and credits. Log into your account to explore the outer limits this month.

Rule the galaxy!

So, what’s Galactic Gamble about? Well, if you’re into space travel and cool prizes, then you won’t want to miss out on this chance to play. The promotion is open to all existing All Slots players, so log into your account and visit the Win from €200 message this month to play.

The rules are  simple:

  • You need to play your favourite games and earn Rewards points
  • Then, use your Rewards points to unlock prizes at each level ─ there are 10 levels per round
  • You can keep your prize or gamble it to try and win something better
  • Click on the Warp button when it turns green to progress to the next planet

There’s more:

The Galactic Gamble has 4 different planets to explore: Polaris, Altair, Vega and Sirius. Each one is different and has different prizes to play for. As you progress through the planets, your Rank will also improve, from a Rookie to a Legend!

What you need to know about space travel:

To help you prepare for an epic journey through space, we’ve put together these fun facts about space travel:

  • In space, the skin on your feet peels off. This is because you are not using your feet to walk.
  • On Venus, a day is longer than an Earth year
  • The sun is so big you can fit 1 million Earths inside it
  • You become taller in space. Astronauts at the International Space Station are as much as 5cm taller
  • In space, metal sticks together. It’s called cold welding
  • The farthest manmade object in space is the Voyager 1. It carries messages if found by aliens