Game On! Online Fruit Machine

Welcome to the Animal Football Cup! The idea might sound crazy, but you’re bound to get a kick out of watching the wild jungle animals compete for the Animal Football Cup as you compete for online fruit machine jackpots when you play the Game On! online fruit machine game.

The Game On! online fruit machine has plenty of football-related symbols to get you into the mood for the Animal Football Cup. There are the football shoes, the TV sports commentator’s pith helmet, the referee’s whistle, and the World Cup. There are also the traditional fruit machine symbols: the cherries, the lemon, and the watermelon. After all, that’s why they call it a fruit machine.

The top symbol, of course, is the World Cup. The World Cup is awarded to the championship football team, and Three World Cup symbols will win you a championship fruit machine payout of 100 times your fruit machine bet.

The sound effects are also a part of the online fruit machine experience. While the fruit machine reels are spinning, you can hear the chattering of the animals in the jungle along with the rhythm of an African drum. Then, when you score a winning fruit machine payline, you can hear the roar of the crowd as the scoreboard lights up with G-O-A-A-A-L! just as if you had scored the winning goal in a championship football game.

Like all good online fruit machines, Game On! has Hold and Nudge features. These are the special features that take fruit machines beyond the blind luck of regular online slot machines, and enable you to use some fruit machine strategy. To make it even better, and to give you even more chances to win fruit machine jackpots, there are special Nudge Bank and Nudge Gamble features.

The Soccer Safari Bonus Game

Sometimes, one or more of the regular Game On! fruit machine symbols will appear with a football superimposed on it. This is a good thing. If you get three footballs, you have activated the Soccer Safari bonus game.

The Soccer Safari bonus game features the hyena, the zebra, and the monkey playing championship football. The spectators include giraffes, elephants, a lion, a rhinoceros, a parrot, and a couple of snakes. The referee is a bizarre creature with the body of an eagle and the head of a man, wearing a hooded cape and a referee’s whistle around his neck. The Animal Football Cup is certainly one of the stranger football matches that the world has seen.

Anyway, the way the Soccer Safari bonus game works is that each of the three football-playing animals has a jackpot meter with seven jackpot levels on it. One of the meters is chosen randomly and then the different jackpot levels on that meter flash on and off randomly, and when you click Stop, you win the jackpot that is lit up. It’s a fun way to win a bonus fruit machine jackpot of up to 1,000 times your bet.

Play Game On! Fruit Machine Online

Game on is one of the wackier online fruit machines at All Slots online casino. So have fun at the Animal Football Cup and win some nice fruit machine jackpots while you’re at it, when you play the Game On! fruit machine online.

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