Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel

Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel Online Progressive Slots

Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel online progressive slots is a great online slot game in which you could win some serious cash. With five separate reels and the ability to activate up to fifteen individual pay lines, there are tons of ways to win. The concept of the progressive jackpot is that almost every second, the jackpot grows bigger since it is based on the number of people who have played the game around the world since the last big winner. You can win the big progressive online slots jackpot when you get five Fruit Fiesta symbols to appear on the special fifteenth pay line. It is very important to keep in mind that you must bet the maximum number of coins to be eligible for the big jackpot.

Betting on the Fruit Fiesta 5-Reel Progressive Online Slots Jackpot

In the five-reel Fruit Fiesta progressive online slots game, the value of the virtual coin you use is fixed at .05 credits and you can bet up to fifteen coins. Every time you click the Select Lines button, you add another coin and another payline wagered on. Or, to make life simpler, you can just click the Bet Max button to select 15 coins and 15 paylines and start the online slot machine reels spinning. Some people only use this button to play since they do not want to take a chance at missing the big jackpot if they happen to get all five Fruit Fiesta symbols.

The Fruit Fiesta 5 Reel Online Progressive Slots Symbols

Of course, getting the Fruit Fiesta symbol is always good news since in addition to forming the big jackpots, it can also be used as a wild symbol. That means it can substitute for a lucky seven, ringing bell, bar, or any of the various fruit symbols from which the game gets its name. So if you have two oranges and a Fruit Fiesta lined up, you win as if you had three oranges.

So while the big progressive jackpot is always your ultimate goal, you will find that there are many other ways to win good payouts when you play the Fruit Fiesta 5-reel online slot machine game.

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