Major Millions 5-Reel

Major Millions 5-Reel Online Progressive Slots

If you want an online progressive slots game with lots of chances to win cash, then check out the Major Millions 5-reel online progressive slots game. If you have bet fifteen coins and you should get five identical images of the Major Millions logo all lined up on the fifteenth pay line, then you will win a huge jackpot. That’s because progressive online slots are based on an ever increasing jackpot that is built up by people playing the game all around the world. But even if you don’t win the ultimate jackpot, there are still tons of ways to win cash playing this game.

The Major’s Arsenal in the 5-Reel Progressive Online Slots Game

The Major Millions 5 reel progressive online slots game has lots of symbols that you can use to win real cash. Besides the Major himself – who functions as a wild multiplier – you can win with the battleship, plane, tank, top secret envelope, medals, the major’s hat, an ammo box, and a pair of binoculars. All of them will pay out even if you only get three on an active pay line, but you will win a lot more if you get all five. If you use the Major to complete a pay line, then you winnings will be tripled. The only symbol that you cannot substitute the Major for is the scatter sign. When you get scatter signs, you can also win even if they are not on an active pay line.

Activating Pay Lines in the Major Millions 5-Reel Online Progressive Slots Game

All coins in the Major Millions 5-reel online progressive slots game are 0.20 credits. You can bet up to fifteen coins each round. Every time you add a coin, you activate an additional pay line. So while playing one coin you only have a single pay line to work with, playing ten coins gives you ten more chances to win from ten pay lines. When you bet fifteen coins – which is the maximum allowed – not only do you activate all fifteen possible pay lines, but you also become eligible for the grand progressive jackpot. This is the only way to get that huge jackpot. If you play fourteen coins, you can still win a lot – but not the big one.

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