Dawn of the Bread

Dawn of the Bread Online Casino Game

Dawn of the Bread is an online casino game of the scratch card, instant win type with a bit of a twist. When you log onto the game you will find, in the centre of your screen, not the nine panel grid that most scratch cards display, but, instead, a very hot oven with three shelves. Before the play each of these shelves holds three rather gruesome looking loaves of bread. At the right of the oven is our ghoulish green baker stretching out some dough as though for a tasty pizza. However, if you look carefully you will see a spider and an eyeball embedded in the dough.

Join the Ghoulish Baker and Win a Creepy Crawlie

At the top of the oven, in this online casino game, is a nasty looking spider who goes up, down and around as you play the game. And on the left of your screen are all the creepy crawlies that our ghoulish baker is putting into your bread. The horrific images are an enlarged eyeball, fierce looking dentures, rats and bugs – not pleasant to find in your bread! Each of these images has a multiplier number ranging from x2 all the way to x10,000 (for the eyeball), with x5, x10, x100, and x2500 in between.

In Dawn of the Bread you can bet as low as $0.50 and go up to $10 for each card you play. Just click the “up” and “down” arrows on the bottom left of your screen where it says “Stake”. Your win is based on which of the creepy images you are able to make 3-of-a-kind.

The aim of this online casino game is to reveal the images inside the loaves of bread by clicking on them with your mouse. This is called online “scratching”. If you don’t have the patience to do this, you can reveal all nine loaves at one blow by clicking on “Reveal All”. When you get three of a kind, the ghoulish baker gives out a ghoulish laugh and the image you have revealed becomes animated.

Dawn of the Bread online casino game is a lot of foolish fun if you don’t mind the bugs and things.

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