Granny Prix

Granny Prix Online Scratch Card

If you love scratch cards and you have a sense of humour, then you’ll absolutely fall for Granny Prix. This hysterically funny Instant win card game will keep you coming back for more and having a blast while you play. You’ll see nine scratch panels displayed. Behind each panel is a symbol. The symbols will all scratch away at the same time to reveal Granny cars full of Grannies who are competing in the Prix! Match three Granny symbols to win great winnings.

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It’s important to know when you play Granny Prix that only one winning combination is paid out for each card. If there is a chance for you to win more than one combination, you’ll be paid out for the value with the highest combination. The payouts work as follows. If you have 3 Red Granny symbols you’ll get your credits that were bet multiplied by 2. If you have 3 Green Granny symbols, your credits will be multiplied by 3. If you have 3 Blue Granny symbols, you’ll have a multiplication by 5; 3 Pink Granny symbols will multiply your credits by 12. 3 Yellow Granny symbols will multiply your credits by 100. And, for the grand total, 3 Orange Granny symbols will offer you a multiplication of 2500!

Granny Fun

Granny Prix offers you instant gratification and a great way to play a game fast. There are no complicated rules to follow or bonus rounds to hope to get to. You simply see if you have three of a kind on the scratch cards, and multiply your credits by the winning amount if you do have three of a kind. This allows you to play a quick game that is pressure free, humorous and full of great ways to win. Keep in mind when you play that you can only bet one card at a time and that all payouts are in credits. And then get ready for a roaring good time as the Granny pack comes racing towards you with great opportunities to win. Hang on to your hat and enjoy the most unique of the online casino games today!

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