The Online Game of Hexagons

Hexaline is neither a slots game nor a table game it comes under the category of other at the online casinos but should really be under a new category of super fun with minimum input games. These online casino games are games of luck and luck alone, all of the symbols and in the game are powered by a computerized random number generator so there is no guessing or predicting what will happen at any stage of the game. To begin with players are invited to place bets according to their own budget whether starting at $0.1o or as high as $50. Once the bet has been placed the game commences and players watch as different coloured hexagons come down to fill up the empty spaces on the hexagon shaped board.

Coloured Tiles Together Win Prizes

There are yellow, red, purple and blue hexes together with a wild symbol. The wild symbol can take the place of any of the other symbols in making up a winning line. A winning line is a line of hexagons across the screen from left to right. When a winning line appears the hexagons are zapped away and replaced by new ones that can also make up winning lines and this carries on until there are no more winnings to be gained and a new bet is then placed. If, after the first cascade of tiles has been replaced three of the bonus tiles appear then players are taken to a new screen to play the bonus game.

Bonus Game Play

In the bonus game all of the tiles are yellow. Players are invited to pick one tile from the first left hand column it will either reveal a right hand pointed arrow, an x or a left hand pointed arrow or an amount. If a right hand pointed arrow, the player is taken to the next column to pick another hexagon to see what it reveals. The bonus game carries on in this way until an x is hit at which point the player is taken back to the main game and the total of his winnings are calculated. If during the bonus game is star appears on one of the chosen tiles, players have hit the win all button and all hexes are revealed with the winnings calculated and the bonus game is over. Hexaline is an extremely simple yet very rewarding online casino game to play.

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