Mayan Bingo

Mayan Bingo Online Casino Game

A popular online casino game among players who are looking for some fun and relaxation at the online casino, is the game of bingo. Mayan Bingo is a well presented bingo game with beautiful graphics and an exotic sound effect. This bingo game uses a bingo card with fifteen squares and thirty balls numbered from one to ninety are drawn in each game.

Playing Mayan Bingo

The object of the game is for the player to complete as many payout patterns as possible. The player begins by making his bet and choosing the number of cards he wishes to play. The player can choose up to four cards per game. Once the player clicks play, the balls will be drawn and the outcome will be marked off on each of the players cards. If the player completes any winning pattern on a card, he will win a payout. If the player does not complete any pattern, he will not win a payout and the game will be over. In the event that the player is missing only one ball to complete a payout, the player will be offered the option of releasing an extra ball, at an additional cost. If all of the numbers on the player’s board are marked off, he will win the jackpot of 50 times his original bet.

Easy to Play and Easy to Win

Perhaps the biggest advantage of playing Mayan Bingo is that it is easy to play and can be enjoyed even by those players who do not have any previous experience playing online casino games. There is no skill involved in the game and it is based on luck alone. All of the payouts for the game are clearly displayed in the payout rules attached to the game and the lucky player who completes the whole board will be awarded with an incredible jackpot of 50 times his original bet.

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