Mumbai Magic

Mumbai Magic Online Casino Game

Capture the magic of Mumbai with the online casino game Mumbai Magic. This is an Instant Win card game where you match symbols to win multiplier values. The beautiful woman from Mumbai holds the key to the game in the centre of the screen. Six magic cards are drawn in the game and once all six of them are in place, you see if you’ve matched any. Match two magic card symbols to have winning combinations. Whatever multiplier value is displayed on the magic cards is then multiplied by your bet amount for the total that you’ll get.

Mumbai Symbols

Certainly, you’ll want to know that only one winning combination is paid out per card, as with many online casino games. If there is more than one possible win, you’ll get the value of the highest combination. To begin the game, you click the Increase or Decrease button to designate how much you want to bet. Then, it’s time to click the Play button. Six magic cards will be drawn and you’ll see if any match. If two match they’ll be highlighted and you’ll automatically be paid out your winnings.

The cards, of course, match with the Mumbai theme. The Magic Card names include Man, Sitar, Film Reel, Lady, Dancing Lady, Clapper, Award and Dancing Man. The Dancing Man match actually multiplies your credits bet by 20,000! Now, keep in mind that you can only bet one card at a time with this game and all payouts are paid in credits.

The Magic of Mumbai

Enjoy this unique Instant Win game that keeps you entertained at all times. While easy to follow and not full of many rules, this is one of the online casino games that still offers many great ways to win. Enjoy the magic of Mumbai and the culture today — and have fun trying to win at the same time!

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