Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery Online Slots

The Age of Discovery screen immediately draws you in, letting you know that you’ll be focusing on setting sail on this lovely day. This is an online slots game that’s all about ocean exploration and sailing. Its five reel, twenty five payline and two hundred and fifty coin slot machine makeup will keep you sailing the high seas and enjoying yourself for ages. The many fruit symbols in the regular game pop out of the screen, inviting you to come and enjoy them today. There is the banana, avocado, mango, pomegranate, and papaya. In addition, the many sailing symbols help you to feel the theme from the Sextant and the Crest to the Ship and the lovely Gold Coin. The Gold Coin actually pays out 6000 coins for the highest win!

Online Slots Fun

Now, for regular symbols to produce a regular winning combination the following things need to happen. In order to win, the symbols have to be next to each other on enabled paylines. Winning combinations pay out from left to right. At least one of the symbols has to be on the first slot reel in order to win. If it’s only on the second, third, fourth or fifth slot reels, it doesn’t payout so don’t get excited when you see the reels and think that you’ve won when you haven’t! Now, the Gold Coin symbol is a wild symbol and the Sea Monster is a scatter symbol.

Treasure Bonus Game Online Slots Fun

Of course, no voyage would be complete without a buried treasure. The Treasure Bonus Game is that “buried” treasure here. When three or more Compass symbols are displayed anywhere on the five reels, it will activate the bonus game. Here, you’ll see a treasure map that has thirty Treasure Sites on it. You select the Treasure Sites that you want in order to see what hidden bonus win amounts are behind them. You get to continue revealing Treasure Sites until you hit the Skull and Cross Bones. Then, the game will end and all of the rest of the goodies that you didn’t win will be revealed.

Ahoy Mate – Have Fun with this Online Slot Machine Game!

Age of Discovery is waiting for you to come and enjoy your latest discovery. Get onto the high seas and find out about all of the great treasures waiting there for you! You won’t be disappointed that you’ve given it a try.

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