Cops and Robbers

Cops And Robbers Online Slots

Cops and Robbers is more than just another online slots game. The Chaser Trail bonus game sets up a mad dash for special prizes through the city. You can even win a multiplier that could give you two hundred times your bet if you are lucky. But first, you have to play the basic Cops and Robbers online slots game.

The Basic Cops and Robbers Online Slots Game

Cops and Robbers starts with a 3 reel, single pay line online slot machine with a Keystone Cops type of theme. The symbols on the reel all reflect a comic, animated rendition of police trying to stop the masked robbers. Matching symbols on the pay line give you a win. Additionally, various special features such as nudges and holds are granted at random points in the game. These nudges and holds give you a second chance for a winning spin when the reels do not show a winning set on the pay line. Another feature is shifta. Shifta will just automatically advance a wheel until you have a winning combination.

The Chaser Trail Bonus Game

The real fun is when you advance to the bonus game. You do this when three images – appearing anywhere on the screen – have the swag bag symbols. During the bonus game, you are the robber being pursued by a policeman. You “run” along a board with fifty spaces. When you spin the reel, you get a number and advance that number of spaces. Each space has a prize on it and you can collect that prize and return to the base game or continue with the trail game. The prizes you could win can give you direct cash, spins, or give you ways to help win in the basic game. However, remember that the policeman is also on the trail. If he catches up with you the bonus game is over and you return to the basic game.

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