Fortuna Online Slots

It’s time to assume that your future is going to be lucrative. Fortuna offers you the chance to feel the expectation, as the seductive genie stares at you from the reel. This is a three reel, five payline and five coin slot machine game that helps your fortune and your future to come true! Get swept up in the mystic with Fortuna.

Online Slots Features

Regular symbols in Fortuna casino slots include the Cherry, the Bar, the 1-Bar, 2-Bar, 3-Bar and the Purple Seven. Now, winnings are only paid out on the highest combination on each enabled payline – and you are only paid out for winnings that are on enabled paylines. Keep this in mind when you play. There is nothing worse than thinking that you’ve won, only to realize that you weren’t on an enabled payline! Now, with Fortuna, the number of credits that you bet is dependent on the coin size that you’ve selected and on the number of paylines that you’ve enabled.

Get Wild with Fortuna

In addition to the regular fun with Fortuna, there is also bonus fun to be had. The Fortuna symbol is the wild one, substituting for other symbols to create winning combinations. Now, if you’ve got three Fortuna symbols on an enabled payline, you’re in for an extra treat! While 3 Purple Seven symbols will pay out 300 coins, having three Fortuna symbols on Payline 1 will pay out 1000 coins. And the winnings simply increase from there. If those three Fortuna symbols are on Payline 2, you’ll have 2000 coins; on Payline 3, you’ll have 3000 coins; on Payline 4 you’ll have 4000 coins; and for the grand finale, on Payline 5 you’ll have 6000 coins!

Have More Fun with Fortuna Today

Fortuna is an online slots game that’s easy to follow and to play, and yet full of great ways to win. When it’s time for your Fortuna to come up – try it out with Fortuna online slots and see if you just might be the lucky winner of the day!

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