Magic Spell

Magic Spell Online Slots

When you play the basic game of Magic Spell, you are playing a five reel online slots game with a Harry Potter type of theme. Instead of human students, the magic school in this game is made up of magical cats. With Tom the Cat as a wild symbol, you try and match up symbols on one of the pay lines.

Can You Spell MAGIC?

You can activate up to twenty-five separate pay lines by betting up to twenty-five coins. Since you set the value of each coin, you can do this for as little as .25 of a credit (when you set the value at .01.) Besides symbols, there are also letters on the five reels. What you are really hoping for is to spell at the world M-A-G-I-C from left to right along one of the pay lines. If you get that, you advance to the first bonus game.

The First Bonus Game of the Magic Spell Online Slot Machine

If the word Magic is spelled out aver the five reels on one of the activated pay lines, you advance to the first bonus game. In this game, you must turn over pone of the letters. Some of the letters will have cash prizes. But even better is that some of the letters will be hiding the golden key. The golden key in this online slots game unlocks the secret library for the second bonus game.

The Second Bonus Game in the Magic Spell Online Slots Game

When you enter the secret library, you are given the choice to pick a book. Some books award you instant cash. Other end the game and send you back. However, one book will award you all the cash from all the books that you are able to select from. This is the real jackpot and can result in you winning up to 75,000 coins. So this is where the real money can be found. However, you can still win in the basic game and with all the magical graphics and sound effects, the game is fund no matter which round you are playing.

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