Mugshot Madness

Mugshot Madness Online Slots

Mugshot Madness offers you a great way to enjoy detectives and bad guys — but not the detectives and bad guys that you might expect. The Mugshot Madness here in this online slots game includes the undercover octopus, the cool cat, the alligator in dress clothes, the monkey robber and more. The humour here is endearing and creates a fun atmosphere for the online slot game.

Details about Mugshot Madness

This online slots game is a five reel, 20 payline and 200 coin slot machine game. It includes a wild, multiplier symbol, a scatter symbol and a Line-Up bonus game. Pay attention to Detective Jack Murphy, as he’s the wild, multiplier symbol. He can double your payout of combinations that he complete as a wild symbol. The Police Badge is the scatter symbol and it will complete combinations in the online slot machine game when there are there or more of them on the reels. If you do have three or more of them on the five reels, you’ll find yourself in the Line-Up bonus game for this online slots game.

Bonus Line-Up Fun

Now, in the bonus section of Mugshot Madness, you’ll get as many as 25 free spins. The number of symbols that you came into the bonus game with will indicate how many free spins you get. With this online slot machine section, you can get up to a 10x multiplier. Your job here is to capture criminals and each of them can only be caught one time. When you catch a bad guy, their symbols will change to the captured symbol and you then win a multiplier value for each of the criminals that you’ve caught. Then, you total bet amount will be multiplied by the multiplier values that you’ve won in the online slot game. You can’t reactivate the bonus round during the free spins, but you sure can have a blast while you’re in it.

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