Pub Fruity

Pub Fruity Online Slots

It’s time for some great fun at the pub with all of your friends at Pub Fruity. This is the three-reel, one-payline, one-coin online slot machine game that will keep you rockin’ and having fun! There are loads of entertaining features with this casino slots game including two bonus games and more. When you first get to Pub Fruity, you’ll see the lovely bartender and the pub atmosphere. Spin the reels, and when you win, the crowd at the pub will go wild! You’ll feel the energy and the fun as you enjoy the graphics and the sound effects of this online slots game.

The Online Slot Machine Symbols at Pub Fruity

The Pub Fruity online slot machine has many great regular symbols. The regular symbols include pub themed items such as the cherry, lemon, grapes, watermelon, bar, bells and pub fruity.

One of the great features of the Pub Fruity online slot game is the Drinks Trail Bonus Game. It works like this. If any symbol is displayed with a 1, 2 or 3 label, then the symbol automatically converts to a Drinks Trail symbol. Then, if you have one or more Drinks Trail symbols on the paylines, it activates the Drinks Trail bonus game. You move along the Drinks Trail and have various Pub Stops along the way. At each Pub Stop, there are various things that you can win and do. These include such features as free spins, nudges, multipliers, and more.

The Drink Trail bonus game has many amazing features and keeps you entertained and enjoying for ages. One of the best features of this online slot machine game bonus is that there are so many combinations and ways to win – you’ll never get bored as you play it.

Another Online Slots Bonus Game

In addition to the Drinks Trail Bonus Game, there is an additional bonus game! This is the Dart Contest Bonus Game. If you get a symbol that has a Dark label on it, it is automatically converted to a Dart Contest symbol. One of these on the payline will activate one of the three bonus game darts. And then, if you get three of these – you’ll get into the Dark Contest Bonus Game. You then select the character, out of the three, that you think will score the best at the darts game. Each character will automatically throw three darts. You are paid out for the position that your character won, with the highest scorer winning first place. If you picked the first place character, your total credits bet is multiplied by 1000! If you picked the second place character then your bet is multiplied by 100; and if you picked the third place, then it’s multiplied by 50.

Great Online Slots Fun at Pub Fruity

Pub Fruity is a unique online slots game that keeps you entertained and having fun, no matter how many times you play. Come along to the pub and get into the action today!

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