Reel Thunder

Reel Thunder Online Slots

Whether you’re a biker, a roadside diner enthusiast, or just someone who loves slots, you’ll love the online slots game Reel Thunder. This is an online slot machine game like it’s supposed to be played. When you first get to the Reel Thunder main screen, you’ll see the following biking symbols: the Road Hog, the Bike Wheel, the Bike in Fire, the Cruisin symbol, the Speedometer, the Roadhouse, the Chili, the Hotdog, the Egg and the Pancakes. This is the roadside diner, biker-lovers game that will keep you having fun and looking for the next adventure.

The Reel Thunder Online Slot Machine

Reel Thunder is a five reel, nine payline and nine coin casino slots game with the multiple paylines increasing your chances of winning. The Wild Heart is the wild symbol and it can substitute for everything but the Scatter symbol to create winning combinations. The Scatter symbol doesn’t have to be on an enabled payline to win, as long as three or more Scatter symbols are there.

Tips for Reel Thunder Casino Slots

When you’re ready for a real great game, the Reel Thunder online slot game is waiting. Keep a number of tips in mind, however, when you start to play. For each coin that you bet, you enable another payline and you are paid out winnings only for winning combinations that are on enabled paylines (except for scatter wins). This means that you should seriously consider your bets, as there is nothing worse that getting excited about winning, only to realize that you won on reels that weren’t enabled! The highest payout with the online slots game Reel Thunder is 10,000 coins for 5 Road Hog symbols across all of the enabled paylines. Now that’s a big payout!

More Thunderous Tips

Keep in mind, as well, that you can activate the Expert Mode with Reel Thunder if you want to do so. This enhances your gaming experience, as it allows you to select Spin 5x, Spin 10x, and AutoPlay. Each of these offers you more spins without having to interact with the software, and a chance to sit back and relax as you watch the game do the work for you. Join the bikers at the diner tonight for a hot treat – and a chance to win – with Reel Thunder!

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