Shoot! Online Slots

Shoot! Is an awesome online slots game that focuses on the much-loved game of soccer. This game involves everything that you could ever want to see about soccer. The symbols include the soccer match, the player cards from Pele, Maradona, Cruyef and others and more. The background music here is all about the crowd cheering and going wild.

Details about Shoot!

This online slot machine game is a five reel, 50 payline and 1000 coin slot machine game that includes a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a Shoot! Bonus game. The Shoot! symbol is the wild symbol with the online slot game. The bonus cards are the scatter symbols and they complete winning combinations if there are two or more of them on the reels. They also activate the Shoot! bonus game when there are three or more of them on the five reels.

Shoot! Bonus Fun

Now, in this online slot machine game, the Shoot! bonus game is entered when you have three or more of the bonus card symbols. Here, you can win up to 619,000 coins. You will pick four out of twelve cards to either win random bonus amounts or to active one of two other bonus games: the magazine bonus and the free spins bonus. If you win the free spins bonus or the magazine bonus in this part of the online slots game, you’ll immediately play that game and then return to complete anything else you were picking. If you find the free spins symbol, you’ll get to the free spins bonus.

More Details with the Bonus Sections

With the free spins bonus you’ll win a random number of free spins that will be determined by a number that is formed on two screens that scroll until they stop. If you found the magazine symbol, you’ll get to that bonus game. There, in this part of the Shoot! online slot machine game, you’ll select objects to reveal random bonus amounts. You’ll see 12 magazines and there is a random bonus amount or a red card. If you get to a red card, then your time ends in this section. You’ll get a consolation prize of 1x your bet for each of the bonus amounts that weren’t revealed. Come and yell Shoot! every time that you play and enjoy this awesome online slot game.

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