Titans of the Sun – Theia

From before the ancient era of mythical gods and heroes, Theia has been hailed as the divine patroness of gold and the Queen of the Titans. She rules all that shines and glitters from upon Mount Olympus and if you bow low before her stacked 5×3 Reels and her 15 Payline she may yet grant you her favour!
Immersed in the superb animations and the celestial atmosphere, it is easy to adore Titans of the Sun – Theia. Dare gaze upon her blazing glory and she could raise you up to Heavenly Heights on the fiery wings of her phoenix or her flaming golden stallion. Joyfully resign yourself to her majesty and she may benevolently grant you 15 Free Spins in her personal audience atop the holy mountain. Then she might reveal the Mystery Symbols that magically merge into High, Low and Wilds symbols, or perhaps she might answer your prayers with the supreme golden jackpot!
You can reach Thea’s Heavenly kingdom both on Download and on Instant-Play, but only if your heart is pure!

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