Triple Magic

Triple Magic Online Slots

Triple Magic is a fun single pay line, three reel online slots game. The special blue, magic star is the key symbol. If you get a single magic star, it acts as a wild multiplier. Form a winning combination using one magic star to fill out a row of images, and it will triple the amount you win. So if you have two double  bar images and one magic star, the star becomes a matching double bar image, and you just won triple the standard payout for double magic bars. If you use two magic stars, you multiple your winnings by three times three or nine. So one double bar and two magic stars is nine times the double bar pay out.

The Triple Magic Online Slots Jackpot

If you get all three triple magic blue stars on the pay line, then you win the big jackpot. This can be 1,600 coins if you bet two coins. Otherwise the payout is 800 coins if you had bet one. Since you set the value of the coins you are using, this can mean a great deal of money.

The Triple Magic Winning Online Slots Symbol

s Triple Magic has a variety of other symbols that can form a winning pay line. Besides the single, double, and triple bars, the games uses cherry bunches and lucky sevens. While you need three of every other symbol on the pay line to win, even a single cherry is a winner. You either win 2 or 4 coins with a single cherry, depending on how much you bet. In fact, keep in mind that the payout scale doubles when you bet two coins. Just click on bet one to change the number of coins bet. You can also adjust the value of the coins you use by clicking on the up and down arrows.

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