What on Earth

What On Earth Online Slots

You’ll know you’ve reached another galaxy when you play What On Earth online slots. This is a colourful 5-reel, 9-payline and 45-coin casino slots game that blasts you into outer space! The regular symbols here set the tone for the outer-worldly experience, as does the futuristic and space-sounding background noise. Regular symbols on this online slot machine include the Port Hole, the Console, the Asteroid, the Watermelon Planet, the Plum Saturn, the Orange Sun and the Cherry Comet. Each of these is extremely vibrant in design and appealing to look at against the black background of the screen.

The Online Slots Wild and Scatter Symbols

In addition to the great regular slots play, there is, of course, even more with this online slot game. The What On Earth symbol is wild, substituting for other symbols to create winning combinations.

The Shuttle, Saucer, and Rocket symbols are all scatter symbols. They don’t have to be on an enabled payline in order to win. They do have to be scattered on adjacent reels, however, and three or more of the same scatter symbol has to appear. Now, the Saucer and Shuttle symbols display only on reels 3, 4 and 5, while the Rocket symbol displays on all five reels of the online slot machine. In addition to paying out scatter jackpot win, the three scatter symbols also activate the Beam ‘em Up bonus game.

Three Online Slots Bonus Games

What On Earth online slots also has three awesome bonus games. The Beam ‘em Up Bonus game activates when there are three or more Saucer symbols, three or more Shuttle symbols, or three or more Rocket symbols on adjacent reels. In this game, you select an alien that will beam up an earthling with a multiplier value.

If your alien beams up a Contest symbol, then you’ll enter the Beam ‘em Up Contest bonus game. Here, your alien will compete with other aliens to see who can beam up the most earthlings in a set amount of time. Every earthling that your alien beams up represents a multiplier value.

Finally, you’ll get to the Destination bonus game if your alien beams up a Globe symbol in the Beam ‘em Up bonus game. Here, you’ll select one of four destinations and an alien. The alien beams up an earthling for multiplier values.

Play Slots Online with What On Earth

For a great experience in outer space, you can’t beat playing slots online with What On Earth. This online slot game is interesting; full of lively colours, patterns, symbols and noises; plus three online slots bonus games and lots of great chances to win. Get beamed up and have fun today with What On Earth!

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