Wheel of Plenty

Wheel of Plenty Online Slots

When you play Wheel of Plenty you can look forward to a relaxing gaming experience of spins which combine with additional interactive features. The classic online slots is a three-reel, one-payline online fruit machine which can win you a possible 2000x bet multipler. Players spin the wheels as they create winning combinations. Since this is a one-payline, one coin slot machine, all wins result in payouts.

Begin the game when you start spinning the wheels to match the game symbols across the paylines. Wheel of Plenty game icons involve the traditional slots symbols that include various pieces of fruit along with the game’s Wheel of Plenty Logo.

Wheel of Plenty Game Features

There are a wide range of game enhancers in the Wheel of Plenty slots. The Invincible Mode feature activates randomly to ensure that you won’t lose or absorb any negative outcomes from the Mystery Positions. The Mystery Position activates additional features which you can collect at your leisure. If you decide not to collect any of those added features the corresponding feature position on the wheel deactivates and if you land on any of these deactivated positions, the game ends and another round begins.

There are other enticing features on the Wheel of Plenty slot machine including the Nudge feature, the Let ‘Em Spin feature, the Hold feature, the Reel Magic feature and the Shifta feature. You can win up to 4 real nudges to increase your wins, though Nudge wins are paid out as regular wins. Nudge buttons activate every time that you win another nudge.

Hold wins activate when a “Hold” button displays below the reel to which it is associated. Hold wins pay out at a regular payout rate. Both the Let ‘Em Spin feature and the Reel Magic feature activate randomly. Let ‘Em Spin triggers whenever two identical symbols emerge on the payline after the Nudges have been exhausted. The Let ‘Em Spin feature awards random winning combinations. The Reel Magic feature awards a symbol to complete a match while the Shifta feature holds one reel while the remaining 2 reels nudge down until a winning combination appears on the payline.

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