3-Card Poker Gold

3-Card Poker Gold

Online Three-Card Poker Gold takes the game of 3-card poker to the next level. That’s because with the gold version, the designers have incorporated incredibly realistic graphics and game play. When you play, you feel as though you are sitting front and center at a real casino poker table. Another difference with the 3-Card Poker Gold game is that you are allowed to play multiple hands. That means even more chances to win real money when you play.

The Two Games of Online 3-Card Poker Gold

What makes online three-card poker gold so much fun is that it is actually two separate games in one. You choose which game to play or even to play both at the same time. You can play the straightforward game of Pair-Plus. In pair Plus, all you need is an online 3-card poker hand that is at least a pair. Even a pair of twos will make you a winner. It does not make a difference what the dealer has. If you have a pair plus, you win.

In the second game, you are playing the dealer. You don;t even need a pair to win. If your three card hand is higher than the Dealer’s, you win. This game is called Ante-and-Play three-card poker gold.

Playing Multiple Hands in Online 3-Card Poker Gold

The big difference that you get when you play 3-Card Poker Gold is that you can play up to five hands at the same time. Each hand is considered independent. In Pair plus, every hand that has a pair or better wins. In Ante Play, each hand is judged against the Dealer’s. Each one that is better is a winner. Your hands are not competing against each other. So if the Dealer has a low hand, you could win on every hand that you play. Just think, if you played both Pair Plus and Ante Play on five hands and each hand won, you could win a tremendous amount of cash. Perhaps that is why 3 Card Poker Gold is one of the most popular online three-card poker games. The player has complete freedom to play the game that he or she wants. You can also choose how much to bet on every new game. Bet more to win more and bet less to minimize your risk. It all depends on what type of a poker player you are.

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