American Roulette

Online American Roulette

American Roulette is the classic casino game in which you place your bet on the green felt table and then roll the little ball around inside the spinning roulette wheel until it comes to rest on the winning roulette number. If you bet on that winning number, or on a group that includes the winning number, you are an online roulette winner.

Online American Roulette: Freedom of Choice

In online American Roulette, you choose on which numbers to bet on and how many numbers to bet. You could bet on a large group of numbers. For example, you have the option with a single bet of covering all the even or all the odd numbers. Since half the numbers are coloured red and half are coloured black, you could also bet on all the numbers of one of those colours. If you win, then you win even money. This makes sense because you are likely to win on approximately (but not quite) half your spins of the roulette wheel.

If you are a bit bolder, you could bet on a smaller group of numbers. You could bet on any dozen numbers (1–12, 13–24, or 25–36). You could bet on a pair of numbers, a row of three numbers, a square of four numbers, a line covering two numbers, or even a single number. You won’t win often with a single number bet in no-download roulette, but when you win that way you can win a lot of cash: 35 times the amount of your bet.

Online American Roulette Strategy

So basically the strategy that you employ when you play American Roulette online depends on your personality. If you are a risk taker, bet more money on fewer numbers. If you are more cautious and want your bankroll to last longer, slow down and place smaller bets on larger groups of numbers. You can also place multiple bets on the same spin of the flash roulette wheel, such as a small bet on the number 22 and a larger bet on the even numbers.

Any way you play it, playing no-download American Roulette is fun and challenging and you might just get lucky.

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