Atlantic City Blackjack

Online Atlantic City Blackjack

The object of the online blackjack Atlantic City Blackjack variation is no different than classic blackjack. The player tries to beat the dealer’s hand by getting a card point count of 21, or close to it, without overreaching it. On the way to achieving this object, there are many rules and regulations to learn and remember

The Advantage to Online Atlantic City Blackjack

The advantage to the online blackjack Atlantic City Blackjack variation is that you can first “practice play” to learn the game and also to try to formalize some strategy. In addition, if you use the online auto play feature of online blackjack there is an “Advanced Blackjack Strategy Table” available to the player. This is a system that can benefit you by helping you to determine your own game strategy.

Some Atlantic City Blackjack Rules and Plays

Atlantic City Blackjack is played with eight standard decks of regular playing cards which are shuffled after each game. It is good to know that if the dealer’s hand is “bust” (exceeds the value of 21) the player wins, and, if the player has a blackjack (an Ace and a card with a 10 point value), the player automatically wins. Remember that an Ace can be used as either a 1 or an 11.

The first item for starting the play is to place your bet. The dealer then deals you two cards face up. He also deals two cards to himself – one face up and one face down. The player goes first by doing one or more of the following: splits, hits, stands, doubles down, surrenders or takes insurance. Then the dealer plays his hand by hitting or standing or conceding that the player has won.

Here are some Atlantic City Blackjack features which you must learn in order to be a good online Atlantic City Blackjack player:

The Split– if you receive two cards of the same number or value, you can split your hand into two hands but you must place an additional bet for this. You are allowed to split your cards 3 times during a game except if you split with Aces. This can only be done once.

The Double Down – A player can double his bet, draw one more card, and then stand. The Double Down gives the player a chance to double his win, but, on the other hand, if his hand isn’t good enough, he can lose twice as much.

Insurance – A player can ask for insurance if the first card drawn by the dealer is an Ace. The insurance costs half of the player’s original bet and is taken in case the dealer gets a blackjack. If the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack when his second card is revealed, the player loses his insurance but continues to play his hand as usual. If the dealer does have a blackjack, the player receives a 2 to 1 payout

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