European Roulette Gold

Online European Roulette Gold

Online European Roulette Gold has all the excitement of the regular online European Roulette game, plus special features to make it even better than the original. It has enhanced sound and graphics that re-create the atmosphere of a real roulette casino, and it has even more betting options with the addition of Neighbour Bets and Call Bets.

The Basics of Online European Gold Roulette

What do you need to know before playing online European Roulette Gold? Well, the rules are essentially the same as in the regular version of online European Roulette. You are hoping that the numbers you bet on will be the ones that the ball lands in when the flash roulette wheel stops spinning. You can adjust the value of your bet depending on your preferences and you can bet on a huge variety of numbers. You can bet on a big group – such as all even numbers or all red numbers. (Except for the zero slot, half the numbers are red and half are black.) Or you can bet on a single number. You also have options to bet on almost any amount of numbers in between: two, three, four, six, or twelve numbers. The bottom line is that when you play roulette online, the fewer numbers you bet on the more money you could win but the harder it will be to win.

The Unique Options of Online European Roulette Gold

In Online European Roulette Gold, you have two options that are not available in other versions of Online European Roulette. They are the Neighbour bet and the Call bet. The Neighbour bet got its name from the fact that you can bet on a combination five numbers that lie next to one another on the actual roulette wheel rather than on the game board. You know that if the ball is getting close to your group of numbers that your chances are much higher than if you had just picked a single number in a single slot. Call bets are specific combinations that are listed when click on the Call Bet button. You use your existing chip size for these bets. With Neighbour and Call bets, online European Roulette Gold has simply more options for playing and winning than other no-download roulette games. And of course, like with all the other Gold Series online casino games, the sound and graphic will blow you away for their realism.

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