Multihand Classic Blackjack

Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack Lets You Play Five Hands

As the name implies when you play this game of online blackjack, in Classic Multi Hand Blackjack you can play several independent hands. Each hand is competing against the dealer so it is possible to win with up to five hands. Since you are allowed to split once per hand, in theory you could even play ten hands against the dealer’s one.

The Benefit of Playing Five Hands

While you don’t have to play five hands, one benefit that doing so gives you is that you can play different strategies with the different hands. Sometimes one strategy will win while others times a different strategy will be the one to do the trick. You could decide to be super aggressive with the hand on the left and super conservative with the one on the right. It’s up to you. On the other hand, in this game of online blackjack, the dealer must always stand at all seventeens.

The Realism of Classic Multi-Hand Blackjack

Classic Multi Hand Blackjack is a realistic simulation of playing in a casino. The graphics are great and they even got the sound of the cards being dealt down very well. Betting is easy. All you do is click in the betting area next to the hand you want to play. Click on plus or minus to change the denomination of the chips and then hit deal when you are ready to play.

Classic Multihand Blackjack Rules

If you have any questions about the rules of this online blackjack game, just click on the rules tab in the upper left hand corner. Generally, traditional rules apply. Blackjack pays out three to two. You may split each hand once. Insurance can be taken when the dealer is showing an ace and is half the amount of your original bet. It pays two to one if the dealer gets blackjack. You can double down with a nine, ten, or eleven. When you do so, your bet is doubled and you receive just one more card. Otherwise, if you get closer to twenty-one than the dealer without going over, you win.

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