Multihand European Blackjack Gold

Multihand European Blackjack Gold Online Blackjack

Multihand European Blackjack Gold is a traditional game of online blackjack in which you can play up to five independent hands. Since each hand is competing against  the dealer’s and not each other, it is possible to win five times in one round. In fact, since the dealer must stand on all seventeens, it happens more often than you think. Of course, you need to play with a good strategy and recognize when it is best to hold back. On any turn, you decide how many hands to play by clicking in the areas that say “click to place bets.” You can change the denomination of the coins bet by clicking on the coins on the bottom left of the screen. If you click more than one, another coin of the same denomination will be bet. You do this for each hand you want to bet. When you are done betting, click deal to start the game.

Multi Hand European Blackjack Gold: Basic Rules

The basic rules of Multi Hand European Blackjack Gold are similar to other online blackjack games, you can just play up to five hands. The object is to get each hand closer to twenty-one than the dealer’s without going over. The dealer must stand any time he reaches seventeen. You, on the other hand, are free to do what you want. You may want to stand before you get to seventeen or you may want to risk taking another card over seventeen. It’s up to you. If you get a blackjack (an ace and a ten value card), you win three credits for every two you bet. To minimize loss if the dealer is showing an ace on his first card, you can take an insurance bet for each hand you are playing. Insurance bets are half the size of the regular bet and pay out at two to one if the dealer has a blackjack.

Double Down or Splitting in Multi Hand European Blackjack Gold

If any of your initial two card hands are showing a nine, ten, or eleven (with an ace counting as one), you may opt to double down. Doubling down means you place a second bet equal to your first and get just one more card. If you win, you win double your money, essentially four times your initial bet. Another option is splitting, which you can do once per hand. If you have two equal cards, like a pair of nines, you can split them up into two separate hands. You then play each hand independently. If they both beat the dealer, you win twice. (You must make a second bet equal to your first when you opt to double down.)

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