Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit Video Poker

If you are new to online poker, then Poker Pursuit is a great game to try. It is based on all the same rules as traditional five card poker. One big difference is that you do not have to worry about other players or even the dealer. You will win or lose in this game based on your own hand. If you even have a pair of tens, you have won the round. No one else can beat you and take the pot because their hand is better than a pair of tens. So you don’t have to even think about bluffing or how your hand will be relative to other hands. If it is a good hand, you win real cash.

Getting Started in Online Poker Pursuit

Here is how the online poker game of Poker Pursuit works. You start by placing an initial bet. You use online chips, but you decide how much each chip should be worth at the start of every round. The smallest chip value you can choose is 50 cents and the highest is 10 dollars. Then, you can decide how many chips to play. You can choose from one to three. Why risk placing a higher bet? Because you will win a lot more if you bet a lot more. You can always change the value of the chips before each new game.

Continuing Play in Online Poker Pursuit

At this point, you will get three cards. If you spot a winning combination, like a pair, you have already won. Keep betting. You have already won, the only issue is how much you have won. If you do not have any matching cards, you must decide how likely it will be to end up with a winning combination after you are dealt all five cards. If you feel that you will have a great hand, then you can raise your bet. Otherwise, you can just call for another card. If you do not feel lucky, you can fold and start a new game. After you decide, you get one more card and now you can make the same decisions before getting your fifth and final card.

Online Poker Pursuit Strategy

The best way to make real money playing online Poker Pursuit is by limiting your losses and maximizing your wins. That means that you should not be afraid to fold and start again if you feel you have a losing hand. On the other hand, keep raising when you see that the cards are going in the right direction. That is how you can really win at online poker.

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