Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette – Diamond Edition Online Roulette

The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition of online roulette is a superb online casino game. It is the closest interpretation that there is to a real game of roulette but played online, and the beauty of it is that it is played in the comfort of home or at the office. This online casino game is played with the European roulette wheel that is made up of 37 red and black pockets numbered 1-36 together with a single zero green pocket. The wheel is so life like that players may have to stop themselves from reaching out and touching the wheel.

Simple and Easy Instructions

The game is very simple to play and anyone with a small familiarity with online roulette will take very quickly to this online casino game. Players can try out the game for fun or practice for as long as they want where all of the systems of the game are exactly as the real money version. There is a choice of chip sizes ranging from $0.25 up to $1000 for the high rollers. Players click on the chip that they want to use and then click on the area of the betting grid that they want to place their bet. A single number bet is clicked on the centre of the number, a two number bet is clicked between the two numbers, three numbers in a row is clicked on all three numbers and four numbers in a group is clicked on the meeting point of the four numbers. These are inside bets. The outside bets which are bets on larger groups of numbers such as all odd numbers or all even numbers receive one click per bet. Once all bets are placed, the player clicks on spin and the wheel is set in motion. As the ball comes to land the results are automatically charted on screen. At the end of a spin, players can choose a straight re-bet or they can re-bet at double the value or they can clear the bets and choose new numbers.  The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition also offers players the chance to change the color and look of their wheel and grid with six different options offered. There is also a chart with the statistics of the game that can be seen on the top left of the screen. Playing Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is a pleasure and a delight, whether playing for real money or for fun.

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