All Aces

All Aces Online Video Poker

It’s time to spice up your online video poker game, and All Aces Poker is the perfect way to do so. All Aces has high payouts for a number of hands that aren’t usually see in online video poker games. These special poker hands include Four Aces, Four of a Kind (Two or Four), and Four of a Kind (others). The maximum payout here is 4000 coins when you bet 5 coins amount and get a Royal Flush.

How to Play All Aces Video Poker Online

All Aces is an online video poker game that’s played with one standard 52 card deck. To begin to play All Aces video poker online, you decide on the bet amount that you want. You do so by clicking on the Increase or Decrease button to select the coin size you want to bet. Then, you’ll see five cards dealt to you when you click on Deal. You select the cards you want to keep by clicking on them. You hit Draw and the cards you didn’t hold will be changed to new cards. Now, it’s time to see if you’ve won and cashed in on anything!

Winning the Online Video Poker Game

After you Draw and have your final hand, the Pay Table will tell you how much you won. You need at least a pair of jacks or better to win in the All Aces online video poker game. The payouts get higher with higher hands, like straights and flushes. The top video poker jackpot is for a Royal Flush, and All Aces video poker has special big payouts for hands with four of a kind, especially if it’s four aces.

You Can Double Your Video Poker Winnings

Now, extra excitement comes into the video poker online game. That’s because you can decide to simply take your winnings and go to a new game, or to double. Doubling means that you are going to draw a card and try to beat the dealer’s one card. When you click the Double button, you’ll see five new cards. The Dealer’s one card is face up and you select one card from the other that are turned face down. All of the four cards will then flip, revealing how you did (and how you could have done if you’d picked the other choices!). If you’ve won, your original winning is doubled and you can then either collect your winnings or double again. If you’ve tied, you don’t double your winnings, but you have the opportunity to double again or to collect your original winning. If you’ve lost against the dealer, you lose your winnings, the turn is over and you can start a new hand.

Play All Aces Video Poker Online

Have more fun playing All Aces video poker online today. You’ll enjoy the excitement of the extra hands that offer winning combinations and of the chance to enjoy doubling. This is an online video poker game that keeps on giving and offering you hours of great entertainment!

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